47 Science Debate Topics for College Students - 2021

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47 Science Debate Topics for College Students

47 interesting debate topics for college students for the year 2021 are mentioned below:

  1. The science behind the existence of no life on other planets of the world.
  2. The importance of practical experiments in scientific studies.
  3. Conflicts between science and religion.
  4. Should individuals be uplifted to use homeopathic medicines?
  5. Role of science in the expansion of education around the world.
  6. Are video games spreading violence?
  7. How has human cloning technology benefited the world?
  8. How to deal with the adverse effects caused by the use of vaccines?
  9. Challenges faced by obese people in society.
  10. Obesity a health issue or not?
  11. Benefits and side effects of the use of Botox.
  12. The role of Botox in treating medical issues.
  13. Should players be allowed to use steroids?
  14. Is intelligence obtained from the environment or genes?
  15. Is it fair for humans to use animals for scientific experiments?
  16. Possibility of life after death.
  17. What is happening on other planets?
  18. Role of genes in influencing people’s brains.
  19. Are homeopathic medicines good for pregnancy or not?
  20. Understanding the phenomena of the solar system.
  21. Importance and role of laws in science.
  22. Emotions and human psychology.
  23. Importance of evolution theory in successive generations.
  24. Ethics and inappropriate experiments in biology.
  25. Is there any basis for the rumors spread around science?
  26. The use of pesticides gives more harm than good.
  27. The advancement of biotechnology in the modern world.
  28. Techniques to overcome the effect of acid rain.
  29. The role of the carbon tax in controlling global warming.
  30. How to control the immoderate growth of algae caused by eutrophication?

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  1. Damage is caused to plants and crops due to smog.
  2. Benefits versus the effects of deforestation.
  3. How to overcome risks associated with endangered species.
  4. What recent research says about biotechnology?
  5. Pharmacology and its advancements in today’s modern world.
  6. Importance and use of nutrition in life expectancy.
  7. Challenges faced by the extensive use of nuclear reactions.
  8. Role of mechanics and dynamics in emerging technologies.
  9. Human health and the process of photosynthesis.
  10. The science of the water cycle.
  11. Role of humans in spreading violence through the creation of atomic bombs.
  12. Effects caused by magnetism on the living system of humans.
  13. Modern techniques to treat human infertility.
  14. Ways and methods to control birth temporarily and permanently.
  15. Science of food chain for kids.
  16. Discussing the modern kingdom classifications.
  17. Importance of scientific notions in the modern world.

These were some of the interesting science debate topics for college students. These topics are vast and general, thus grabbing the attention and interest of common people. Remember, you can always hire a paper writing service to get done with this task.

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