Setting the Categories within a Classification Essay – Guide

Did your instructor ask you to write a classification college essay assignment? Are you stressed because you do not know how to write a classification essay? Do you not know how to set the categories within your classification essay? Online essay writing is a broad aspect and students have to do it throughout their academic life. Even after getting done with one's studies, many have to still write essays, if they pursue an academic career. Students have to write a wide range of essays. One of the seemingly difficult types of essays is a classification essay. Many students have no idea what a classification essay is, or where they need to start, or what they need to do in their classification essay. A college student has to be an all-around academic essay writer to be able to write his/her assignments of all subjects.

Learning to write a classification essay

Even if your teacher has not asked you to write an essay, you should still know the process of writing essays if you are a college student, because you will have to write one at some point in your academic career. Before we delve into the process of writing a classification essay, you must know what it is.


In this type of essay, you are supposed to organize things, ideas, and individuals by dividing them into different categories. The primary purpose of this type of essay is to divide the subject matter into different categories and subcategories to make sense. It is to help the reader understand the subject by dividing them into small categories with similar features. Let’s say that you have to write a classification essay on cars. In this essay, you are supposed to classify cars into different categories. You can classify them according to their models, engines, or horsepower, etc. while classifying things into different categories you have to make sure that each category or group has some unique characteristics that stand out. You will have to provide various examples and supporting details to explain the placing of different members into a specific category.

Elements of classification

To write an effective classification essay, it is pertinent that you know how to classify things into different categories and subcategories. Without the division of the subject into different useful categories, you would not be able to write a good classification essay, no matter how good academic writing skills you may have.

Here, it is relevant to tell you that writing a classification essay is a hectic and cumbersome task. Mostly students have too much on their plates and do not have much time to do an assignment about which they have no previous knowledge. Therefore, if you do not know how to write a classification essay and will have to first learn the process of writing a classification essay, before writing the essay, you must consider hiring a write my paper service to do the task of classification essay for you. This will not only spare you some time for learning how to classify items into different categories for your classification essay. Moreover, you will also be able to ensure that you get good grades. Last but not least, you will be able to learn from the perfect classification essay written by the online essay writer for you. However, if you decide to write the essay yourself, you must know that there are three elements of classification:

  • A group of things that you are supposed to classify in your essay
  • The organizing principle based on which you organize the items into various categories and subcategories for your classification essay
  • The classes in which you will divide the items under consideration

The group of things

Whichever group of items or things you may choose to classify in your essay must have unique and differentiating traits. It must be different from the other item that lies outside the group or set. For example, everything that can breathe, grow, and reproduce and is rendered as a living thing is classified in biology. All other things that are unable to breathe, grow, and reproduce are rendered as non-living things and fall outside the set. Other examples of classifiable sets may include students, sports, pets, human beings, and animals, etc.

The organizing principle

It is the most important thing in the making of effective categories for your classification essay. You must ensure that you must develop or select a single most important organizing principle and then all of your classification and categorization must be according to that principle. If we look at the above-mentioned category of biology, we find out that the organizing principle is the presence of the quality of life. if you are to write a classification essay on cars, you can organize them according to one organizing principle that could be color, horsepower, fuel type, size, or their usage (i.e. family car, sports car, etc.). The organizing principle must provide a valuable way to understand the differences and similarities between the set of items under discussion.


The last element of classification is classes. To ensure it to the reader that you have done an effective classification of the items under discussion, you have to provide a brief description of every class. To show that every class is different from the rest, you will have to provide some relevant examples. Moreover, you will have to provide basic characteristics of all the categories and also inform what makes them similar to other class members and what differentiates them from the members of other classes.

If you can get the classification in your classification essay right, you will be able to write an effective classification essay. Or you can simply ask others to write my essay for me now.

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