A Short Acceptance Speech Sample for Students

The level of achievement for every person differs a lot, some people consider graduating high school a symbol of success while others consider it nothing. In the same way, some people want to accomplish so many things in their lives that they consider a doctorate equal to a diploma. To fulfill their dreams they go to every extent and complete many doctorates with post-doctorate degrees. Every person feels accomplished when he succeeds in any project; upon the success, he might receive an award from the state officials.

Upon receiving such an award he might give an acceptance speech to a large gathering. In his speech, he may discuss the challenges he faced to reach that position. Of course, it would be a lot harder for him to secure a specific position and he may have spent a lot of money and time. After facing a lot of struggle such a person definitely deserves an award. In the same way, if a high school or college student may receive a distinguished award for his academic achievements then he can also give an acceptance speech to an audience.

Before writing such a speech a speaker should know some basic principles and rules that should be present in your speech. Apart from the speech itself he should also engage the audience by introducing himself and their purpose of gatherings. Such speech can be delivered to a small company gathering or a large audience. Usually, when a political leader accepts any new position he gives such a speech where he highlights the steps taken by the previous government and what would be his approach towards solving societal issues.

An acceptance speech can indeed be given on many occasions but its content would differ a lot. A speech given by a politician, a professor, or an actor would differ a lot because they all belong to different backgrounds. The length of a speech also varies depending upon a person's background, a politician would deliver a lengthy speech while an actor may only say a few sentences. But these both include in acceptance speech where the speaker would also thank the audience for coming and listening to his precious words.

Sometimes it becomes so important to deliver such a speech because it shows the confidence of the speaker and the legitimacy of the award which he is getting against his achievements. It shows the audience that he and only he is eligible for that precious award. That is why delivering such a speech adds meaning to his success and award. In this post, I will write a general sample of acceptance speech with some useful tips or you can also ask others to write my essay.

Sample acceptance speech by a politician

I am very honored that the people of Silver City have elected me one more time as a city mayor. It is indeed a golden opportunity for me to serve the city one more time. I would try my best to restore the city to its former glory. As we all know the city has gone through so many economic, political, social challenges with some natural disasters. There is no doubt that my previous government was well prepared to handle all economic, political, and social challenges. The administration was exhausted by the time Hurricane Jypsy hit the city. Even then we timely gave orders to evacuate the city and in the process, we saved thousands of lives. I know the suburban areas were hit the hardest by the Hurricane and there was a shortage of food with other necessities of life. Challenges and hardships are part of human life. The question is how we overcome these and move on with our lives. Your trust in me and my previous government shows that people are more than happy with the arrangements we took in our last tenure. Yes, we faced difficulties to provide necessities for people living outside the city but as you know the problem was resolved soon. Just like my last tenure, this government would try its best to work at the optimum level and satisfy people belonging to every profession. In the end, I would like to thank you all for gathering on this occasion.

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Tips to write a good speech

You can observe that the above speech follows a very simple model where the speaker only included relevant details and at the end he thanked people. If you want to write such a speech you can follow this model or you can hire an essay writing service for your speech. You just need to give your topic and a professional essay writer would write your speech. Anyhow here are some important tips to write a good acceptance speech.

  • Your remarks should be brief and to the point, try to avoid any unnecessary details as it would not intrigue the audience.
  • Your speech should work as a bridge between you and the audience. Do not distance yourself by only highlighting your achievements rather connect with the audience by highlighting their daily hardships.
  • Unlike any other speech or presentation, this speech does not include 'notes,' rather you should speak with your inner voice. It means to speak spontaneously by mentioning your future goals about the company or a city.
  • Do not highlight your mistakes, first, it is better to avoid it altogether or just mention them a little. Remember that it is an occasion of happiness so do not saddened your audience.
  • To break the ice you can include some jokes in your speech but do not include them a lot otherwise it would become a comedy speech.

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