Simple formatting Guidelines for Scholarship Essay

Formatting refers to the way in which a text is designed or the strategies or key points that an individual is required to keep into consideration while writing an essay. Formatting is the most important thing that is observed and analyzed by an instructor when work is submitted. It would not be wrong to say that the credibility of a teacher is measured by observing how properly an individual has formatted an essay. While writing a scholarship essay, due significance should be given to formatting because it is one of the significant things that will be noticed. In a number of scholarship essays, there are some separate marks of formatting so that the one who gives due attention to formatting should be praised and treated differently.

A scholarship essay is defined as a piece of writing in which an individual inquires or justifies the authenticity of the topic with logic or argument keeping certain goals in mind. One of the significant goals is to get a position secured. Scholarship essays are written so that a student can qualify for a position or be able to get a certain scholarship. Keeping into consideration the sensitivity of goals, it is asserted that a writer should give due importance to the formatting and the overall text of the essay. I am going to tell an essay writer some simple ideas and guidelines that can help him with the scholarship essay format.

  1. 1. Maintain the font size

    It is important to maintain the font size because if you will not keep the font size homogeneous then your essay will not look aligned. In general, students are asked to keep the font of their essay at 12. When you are adding headings in the APA heading, you are required to keep the heading at 12 and bold. However, some of the institution’s students are required to keep heading 14 or 16 as well. Whatever font size you are choosing, make sure it is in accordance with the actual and general look of the essay. Then, you should maintain the font of heading at the same size while that of the text would follow the same. Let’s suppose, all heading are 14 while the remaining text is 12.

  2. 2. Page design

    While writing a scholarship essay, make sure that the design and the alignment of the page are equal on all four sides. It means that the text should be 1.5 inches from all four sides. Make sure to keep the same measurements until and unless special instructions are given. Then, the line spacing should be kept at the double. If you think that double is not right then, you can shift to 1. However, in general, double spacing is preferred.

  3. 3. Headings and title page

    Your scholarship essay should have a title page that should be filled in with the required details., moreover, it should include the student ID and the title of the essay. At the end of the essay, you should sign your essay as it is considered as an approach to authenticity and a goodwill gesture.

    In general, your college essay should have only three headings, introduction, discussion, and conclusion. Each of the headings should be designed with respect to the context. The end of the introduction section should have a thesis statement. This statement should be concise and convey the overall meaning of the essay. It is more like a crux of the essay in which you will explain the sequence, ideas and points to be discussed. In case, your essay is longer, such as 5-8 pages then you can add headings as well. These headings will help the instructor or the evaluator know what you are going to write in the essay. It never means that you will make headings for every two lines, rather you should try to sum up the detail of the essay in such a way that there are minimum headings with multiple texts.

  4. 4. Illustrations and figures

    If your scholarship essay is of some other subject in addition to social sciences, then you should add illustrations and figures. Make sure that all the figures and other illustrations are well cited. It is important to back the authenticity of the diagrams. It will not only add visibility but it will clarify the context of the essay.

  5. 5. References and citations

    It is the last but not the least guideline that you should follow. It is asserted that a writer should add proper references and citations in the essay. References refer to the full-length resource that has the title, name of the author, page number, and the year of publication. The references section should be mentioned at the end of the document. Considering citations, it is asserted that all the citations should be added property. All the quotes and the rephrased information that is not yours should be backed with an in-text citation. It will not only add to the authenticity of the essay, but it is one of the major obligations to be fulfilled while writing an academic and formal essay.

In addition to the paradigms of editing and formatting, it is crucial to work on the grammatical errors and the strategies that can help to improve your writing. For this, you can consult an online essay writing service that can help you with grammar checking because if there will be grammatical errors, it will not only hamper the essence of text but it will affect your grades.

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