Follow these Simple Hacks to Create a Well-Organized Essay - Guidelines

Do you ever spend a lot of time writing an essay but end up getting low grades due to the unorganized and unstructured essay? If your answer is yes to this question then don’t worry because you are alone in this. There are many students out there who find organizing a difficult and boring task and often skip due to which they often get bad grades. Let me tell you the importance of a well organized and structured essay to make you understand that it has become mandatory to organize your essay properly to get good grades. The impression is that everything your essay is not organized will give a bad impression to the readers. Then the entire essay will be jumbled up and readers will find it difficult to read the essay.

Organizing your essay is not a boring or a lengthy task to do. In fact, this is one of the most important steps to write your essay. The best time to think about how to organize your essay is during the prewriting stage not revising stage. Most students organize the essay in the revising stage and this why they make a mess of it. A proper well thought out plan can certainly save you from ruining your essay. It is super easy to organize your essay after making an outline of your essay. You need to follow a proper guideline and formatting style to make your document look professional. Organizing your essay increases your chances of getting a good grade. It helps you remove the mistakes in your essay and to make it error-free before submission. Don’t worry if you don’t know the techniques to organize your essay I will share a few simple hacks on how to organize your essay to make it look more appealing to the readers or you can always ask others to write my essay for me at affordable rates.

Simple Hacks

  1. 1. Organize your Thoughts

    The very first and the most simple hack to organize your essay is to organize your thoughts first. If your thoughts and ideas would be well organized it would not be a difficult task to give a proper sequence to your essay. You need to ensure that your thoughts are clear about the essay. You have to read the requirements of the essay in order to understand the basic organizing structure for your essay. Every academic writing requires a specific structure but most of the time it is the same with a few changes or modifications. Some students don’t bother to read the instructions and this is how they lose marks. You need to read and understand the instructions before you start writing an actual essay.

  2. 2. Make an outline

    The second hack is to make an outline. This is important in structuring your essay because it helps you figure out the basic flow of information throughout your essay. Once you have organized your thoughts now you should pen your thoughts down on a piece of paper is an organized and structured way to guide you on how to write an essay. This includes distributing sections and adding relevant information in each section of the essay. It helps you get rid of relevant material because you analyze what information is necessary and what information does not need to be added.

  3. 3. Let Your Thesis Direct You

    You can come up with the most appropriate and relevant thesis statement for your essay. Your thesis statement should direct you on what you are going to add to the essay. The placement of the thesis statement should be appropriate. Most of the students make the mistake of adding a thesis statement at the beginning of the introduction or in the last paragraph of the essay. This is totally wrong, the right place of the thesis statement is at the end of the introduction paragraph followed by the body paragraphs and a conclusion.

    The paper needs to be divided into parts like the first paragraph has to be the introduction, the next three paragraphs must be body paragraphs and the last paragraph has to be the conclusion paragraph.

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  4. 4. Patterns of Structure of the Essay

    Now once the thesis statement is being added you have to ensure the patterns of the structure. Almost every kind of essay writing has the same structure that the essay begins with an introduction which includes information about the topic, the importance of the topic to the readers, and ends the paragraph with a thesis statement. Every paragraph should start with a topic line to depict the information present in the paragraphs. The body paragraphs must include arguments or evidence to defend the thesis statement. Each paragraph should have unique content and the essay has to be wrapped up by the conclusion paragraph which gives a final verdict by restating the thesis statement. You need to recheck the instruction that you follow the correct formatting style and also use in-text citations to make your document look more professional and plagiarism free.

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