Simple Hacks to Sketch an Outstanding Outline for your Thesis

The thesis is a lengthy, hard, and time-consuming task among other writing tasks in universities or colleges. Essay writing and research papers help students to learn about thesis writing as it is a combination of both. Students are required to do narrow research about the topic or research question to draw some useful results and conclusions. If an essay writer is a student, he must know that outline makes work easier while writing an essay so just think how effectively it will work for your thesis.

There are different sections in the thesis like intro, literature review, methodology, analyses, results, discussion, recommendation, and conclusion. All these sections should relate to each other as well as the main question. Therefore, the outline is required to develop the transition among the sections and paragraphs of each section.

We have provided some useful hacks and tips that you should consider while making an outline for your thesis. Hacks for each section are added so you can learn more about the thesis outline.

Introductory Paragraph

Whether you are writing an essay, research paper, or thesis the first section remains the same that is the introductory section. In your introductory outline part, you have to add some important components. You cannot miss these elements just like I never ignored them whenever I used to write essay for me.

  • The first line in your outline should be a hook as an opening sentence
  • Add the basic fact, statistic, or other knowledge about the topic
  • Highlight the area of research for the thesis
  • State major issue that you will solve in your thesis
  • Talk about variable you considered
  • Write the thesis statement and let the audience know what will you address and what will be the possible outcome of the thesis.
  • All these points should be added to your outline with the same sequence so that you don’t miss the transition and flow while writing.

Literature Review

The second section for the thesis outline will be the literature review in which you will discuss previous research. Collect different sources or peer-reviewed articles related to the problem area that you have selected. Read all the sources one by one and then start making their outline points. When you start writing points in an outline make sure you consider elements mentioned below so you don’t miss any crucial points for the thesis or you can also consult a paper writing service to do it for you.

  • Don’t select source older than five to seven years old
  • It should be a research paper and not a review article
  • There should be complete detail about the researchers and their qualification in the article
  • Write about major findings, variables, methodology, and conclusion of the result
  • Add detail about how a particular source will help you to deal with the thesis question
  • Remember! You have to consider the above points for all sources separately. For this, you can make different headings like source#1, source#2, and so on. This is important because the review of each source will be written separately in the thesis so their important points should not be mixed up under outline.

Issue Discussed in Thesis

The third section of the thesis outline that you will make will be an issue. You have to add points discussing your intention and the possible outcome of the work. This section will not be lengthy in your thesis therefore, a few sentences or bullet points will be enough to highlight the elements. You have to add;

  • The main issue discussed in the thesis
  • Intended contribution to solve the issue
  • Thesis promise that you want to fulfill
  • Current status of the issue or contribution of other researchers to date


The fourth section will be your method section. In which you will make points for the methods, tests, or tables that will be used to get the results for the research question. Make sure you add the following points in this section.

  • The process through which you will complete your research
  • Type of methodology that is qualitative, quantitative or mixed you will use
  • The subtype of the method that you will use
  • Current status of the issue or contribution of other researchers to date
  • What will be the hurdles or benefits of choosing methods?


Now it’s time to present your result. There are different ways to represent your results. Some students explain their findings while some show them with the help of charts and tables. Select an effective way to present your findings and then proceed with your outline.

  • Add a chart or tables showing all possible findings
  • Explain the outcome of research in one or two sentences
  • Highlight whether findings agree with your claim or not

Analysis and findings are the most difficult part of the thesis. Students don’t understand how to use different methods to find the result. They even get confused while finding the results. At this point, they can buy a thesis from an essay writing service to blow their worries. This is a perfect solution because there is no meaning in a thesis without accurate findings.


This is the second last section of the thesis and your outline. In this section, you will discuss each piece of finding from different perspectives to find the solution to the issue. In addition, previous sections that are introduction and literature review have to be discussed while highlighting the significant results of the tests. Make sure you discuss one result at a time followed by the next. Moreover, you can skip the point or result that is not relevant to the topic.


This is the last section of the thesis and as you know it should be the summary of the entire work. Therefore, start reading your thesis again and write down all the important points in bullets. In the last, add a solution and its possible recommendation to complete your work.

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