Helpful Rules to Sketch an Amazing Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast essay is referred to as a type of essay which consists of several paragraphs and describes similarity and differences between two occasions and subjects. In these types of essays, compare refers to similarities between two things under the same umbrella while contrast refers to the differences.

In order to provide a good essay writing service, a writer can follow some important rules of writing compare and contrast essays.

Selection of Subject

The first rule in writing a compare and contrast essay is to select such subjects that could have similarities and differences. Such subjects should be selected which are different but have the same medium. For example, this type of essay can be written on two painters or writers rather than on a pair of painters and writers.

Investigation of Similarities and Differences

After selecting a topic explore the differences and similarities between the two subjects. Try to follow the old fashioned method of comparison, take a paper and draw a vertical line in the center and list down the similarities and differences.

Acuminate the list of Arguments

The acumination of the list of arguments is the most important rule of contrast and comparison essays. You should highlight and find out the most important elements of the subject. It is not possible to find out too much about the subject so you should pile up as many elements as possible.

Supportive Evidence

After choosing the topic, an essay writer should start to search out different writings of scholars and get their ideas and arguments. These ideas and arguments act like supportive evidence to your points. These ideas and arguments provide a clear direction to the essay. In this essay, statistical evidence, facts, and stats can be considered as supportive evidence. This supportive evidence needs to be cited in the essay because it includes the usage of someone else's ideas and arguments.


The outline is the significant rule of the compare and contrast essay. Generally, the outline of these types of essays includes an introduction of an essay, three body paragraphs explaining similarities and differences, and a conclusion that restates the introduction. Depending upon the requirement of length, the number of body paragraphs can be increased.

The introduction of the essay includes the short background and details of the subjects chosen for the essay. The introduction should be kept simple and clear in order to retain the interest of the reader. The last sentence of the introduction consists of the thesis statement which summarizes the point of the whole essay. A thesis statement is the most significant part of the essay because it is considered the main crust of the essay. The body of the essay consists of different paragraphs that explain the similarities and differences of subjects with supporting evidence. The body paragraphs are the explanation of the thesis statement.

The last part of the essay is the conclusion. It is the restatement of the thesis statement. It summarizes the similarities and differences which have been explained in the whole essay. The conclusion also includes recommendations and provides a call for action regarding any sort of rhetorical question. If someone asks you to write my essay, an outline of the essay can explain each and everything that you are supposed to do in it.

Crafting of Essay

Once each rule of the compare and contrast essay gets followed, the final step includes the crafting of the essay. In order to move from one area to another strong and transitional words must be exploited. Once the crafting is done paper should go through proofreading and revision. Always use the grammar and spelling tool in order to get rid of minor mistakes.

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