Smart guide to writing an academic essay

If you are a student you have to deal with assignments, and essays. Get ready as your entire life will spin around these. If you want to attain a good grade in the course, the only way is to ace these assignments.

Now you must be thinking about how to attain A grade in these tasks. How to blow the teacher's mind with these assignments? What is the secret to first-rate assignments? You have made it to the right place.

Read the Prompt Keenly

First and foremost, the step of any assignment is to understand the teacher's requirements. Know what they are seeking? What type of paper are they demanding? Look at the prompt and rubric and find answers to all these questions.

For instance, what if your teacher says, “Topics to Avoid” and you complete the entire assignment on a topic from those. Imagine! It will be a complete disaster!

Now you must understand why prompt is important.

Assignment Writing Structure

Learn that every assignment has a different structure. The typical essay or paper will have three sections and none of you is unfamiliar with that.

  • An introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

But when it comes to a research paper, it has the following sections:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods/Analysis
  • Outcomes
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

In case you are not familiar with your assignment structure, you may be tempted to find an essay writer to help you with the work. These writers can also offer you guidance and proofread your work.

Also, it is important to take guidance from your teacher. Checking online samples before you begin your assignment is also a great idea!

Keeping the structure in mind, always make an outline before you begin writing.

Conduct Thorough Research

The research process is very important. If you think reading one or two articles before you start the writing process is enough, you are not right.

If you made up your mind to produce outstanding papers, fasten your seatbelts, and start extensive research. You should not limit yourself to the information already stored in your head, rather you need fresh facts, statistics, and information.

Also, a good paper is always ‘source heavy’. Build your credibility by citing every information you shared other than the commonly understood facts. You will sound more authoritative this way. Keep a note of all the sources you use in your assignment and put them at the end in the form of a list!

Start and End Well!

Every masterpiece has an attention-grabbing start and impressive ending! This adds spice to your essay and in fact, I would say it is the only way you can differentiate your paper.

  • For an introduction, you can use a hook to grab your reader’s attention. The hook can be any quote, a question, an anecdote, etc. Tell your reader, why is this topic important! Also, add a crisp thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraph.
  • An effective conclusion consists of a summary of the key points, restates the thesis, and the writer’s opinion, sometimes. Write your conclusion that it is your last chance to impress your reader.

Take care of Deadlines

Even if you submit a mind-blowing paper after the deadline, you will get no reward but negative marking. It will damage your reputation even if your teacher reads your essay.

Time Management is the key to success in academic life.

If you start early you will end early and thus will have ample time to proof-check your assignment. Do not submit your assignment without letting a fresh pair of eyes go through your paper.

Developing the skill of argumentation

Every college wants the students to learn the technique of persuasion and argumentation. There are many techniques and methods of argumentation, and one of them is the Toulmin Model. This model was developed by philosopher Stephen E. Toulmin.

This model of argumentation allows writers to develop strong arguments. Believe me, it is very simple yet effective. This model is based on a few elements and offers a framework for creating a well-constructed argument.

Remember, the key to making effective arguments is evidence and sound reasoning. And the Toulmin Model of argumentation allows you to inculcate both in your arguments.

In most of the linguistic or specifically English papers, you will witness the argumentation as per the Toulmin model.

Effective usage of tenses

Tenses inform readers about the time of events or actions. But when it comes to essay writing, tenses go beyond telling the readers about the chronology of events. Tense usage also reveals the attitude of the writer towards the issue being told or reported.

Also, incorrect use of tense results in impacting the quality of your essay and you end up having a poor grade, especially in English. Thus, the use of tense must be made carefully, it can break or make an impression in an essay.

Avoid Clichés

How many times have you read or heard ‘everything happens for a reason’ or ‘when it rains, it pours’? These clichés have a broken record. They are everywhere! But what if you guys also use these in your college essay? It will not only yank the reader's interest but will damage your reputation as a writer as well!

Add Quotes

An argumentative essay requires to use as many pieces of evidence as possible, every essay writer knows this fact. Quotes are also a form of evidence used in these argumentative essays.

Why do we use quotes in essays? It is the best way to demonstrate knowledge of the text. Plus, it is one of the forms of solid evidence. Also, it makes an essay interesting and shows the strength of the writer's skills.

Apart from the basic rules of academic essays, you must be well aware of the requirements of the type of essay you are assigned by your teacher.

Follow these hacks and wait for the amazing results!

Or else, you can avail the services of an online essay writing service for your academic essays, if you want to ace your essay.

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