Stages of Writing Process - A Complete Guide

Struggling with your writing a bit? Yeah, that does tend to happen. Especially if you are a student who does not know exactly how to begin writing in the first place.

It can be quite tough to understand the know-how of writing at once.

Actually, I would say that it is not quite possible to learn how to write immediately. It takes patience and time.

Loads of time and patience. So, what do we do about those essays that you have pending?

How do we solve the problem of making you into a good essay writer?

Well, I might have a solution for you.

I can tell you all about the stages of the writing process so that you can learn the basics right now.

Then, you will easily be able to write an essay or a speech or whatever else that you wish to write

So, let us get you started at once or you can ask others to write my essay online.

Stage #1: Pre-Writing

When you are planning on writing something as important as an essay or a speech, the best thing to do is making sure that you know what you are going to write about.

For this, we use pre-writing.

As the name suggests, it is what you do before writing. There are many types of prewriting.

  • Free-Writing

    This is the easiest form of free writing. Here you will write down whatever comes to your mind related to your topic at hand.

    This is the best way to come up with new ideas and exhaust your brain of all the possibilities.

  • Mind Mapping

    This one is a bit harder than free-writing and requires more focus. Think of your topic and write it down in the middle of your paper.

    Then, think of ideas related to it and write them around the main topic.

    Now, look at the ideas you have and start to categorize them. Make clusters of similar ideas.

Stage #2: Planning

The planning stage of the writing process is a lot tougher than pre-writing. In the previous stage, you had a free hand and could write whatever that you wanted to.

Well, you are going to be a bit more restricted in this stage I am afraid.

How so?

Well, this is because this stage requires a lot more structure than the rest. If you want to give your custom essay a great structure then you should try creating an outline.

  • Outlines

    Technically speaking, outline counts as pre-writing. But it gives you so much that it can be considered as proper preparation.

    In an outline, you will have to define everything from the first statements to your arguments and evidence.

    So, really, it helps you plan the paper in its entirety.

Stage #3: Writing

When you are finally done with the pre-writing and the planning stage, you will have to start up on the writing itself.

It is at this stage that your outline will be of the greatest help to you.

You see, once you have the outline, you have the basic structure for your essay or paper.

Now, you will have to focus on the actual task of writing. That is, forming the words and sentences to best explain your position or point of view.

Most of your ideas will remain the same as the outline but some of them might change so be prepared for that.

Stage #4: Revising

The process of revision is not an easy one, no matter how much pre-planning you may have done.

But the good thing is that pre-planning does help.

If you have done the pre-writing and made an outline then I assure you that your revision will be minimal.

That is unless you think that one of your main points need modifying. In that case, you will have to do some hard work.

But if you don’t intend to change your arguments then you will just have to change a few things.

Think refining the prose or the sentence structure.

Stage #5: Editing

Look, editing is not the same as revision. Revision requires quite a few bit changes.

Editing, on the other hand, is a rather simple task.

You will have to look at the things that you ignored previously.

Like the spellings, grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes, etc. These details may seem small to you but they matter a lot to your professor.

If your paper is written on a great topic but it has these small mistakes then it is practically worthless.

Because these teeny-tiny mistakes give the worst impression ever.

Stage #6: One Last Check

Once you have finalized your document, you will have no room to make the bigger changes.

If you want to make a big change then you will have to change a lot of other stuff as well.

So, this is not the stage for changes.

In this stage, you are simply checking if your document is ready to be submitted. Check everything that you have already checked before.

You just have to ensure that you have done everything correctly! That’s it.

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