Steps to get your Research Paper Published

Authors and scholars claim that publishing a research paper in a peer-reviewed journal is one of the most important and somewhat challenging activities in a student’s academic journey. Publishing a research paper allows students to network with various scholars to get their work in circulation and further polish their concepts and research work.

Getting a research paper is not always easy. However, you could enhance your odds with the help of submitting a technically creative and sound so far simple and straightforward research work. But keep in mind that finding a suitable journal is also vital.

Based on the mentioned point, always look to find a suitable journal for your topic and writing style, and you would tailor your research paper to it. Besides, doing this would help you have higher chances of publication and a broader recognition for your research work

However, you are always required to take certain steps for publishing your paper. Those steps, along with strong recommendations, are as follows.

1. Develop an effective outline of the paper

Having a well-written paper always begins with creating a masterful outline. First of all, create an outline of your research paper but make sure that the outline should be the one that organizes all research work in a single and proper format. Otherwise, your efforts may lead to bringing no productive results for you.

2. Write the initial draft of the paper

You developed a perfect outline for your paper. Excellent! Now proceed to prepare the first draft of your paper. However, never forget that the first/initial draft should consist of an abstract or summary of your research work. You can hire a professional essay writing service provider if you face difficulty creating a professional and masterful piece. However, make sure that the initial draft can attract the target audience, enhance their interest, and make them read the whole research work.

Remember: following the formatting guidelines and word limit, etc., should always be followed because it will help you give your work a professional look.

3. Stand for writing standards

The third and one of the most crucial steps you need to take is to make sure that you abide by the journal’s writing standards in which you are publishing your paper. Moreover, ensure that your paper does not include any substance or image that is restricted due to any reason. In other words, make sure to include materials (i.e., images or graphs) for which you have been authorized.

Additionally, scholars say, “Being a student, try your best to get authorized for using any kind of external material if it is important to your work.” Hence, do not miss something important only because you are not authorized to use it. Rather, get permission and use it as needed.

4. Searching for the most suitable journal

Remember, everything that shines is not a diamond. Hence, conduct thorough research on journals’ scope to find the one (journal) that is the most suitable for your paper. Ensure that your research study comes in the scope and category of the chosen journal.

Remember! Research papers that are more relevant to the journal’s readership have more chances to get higher recognition. But focus on both aspects; writing and journal selection. It means to select a suitable journal but make sure to write according to the journal’s writing standards.

Sometimes, undergraduate students have suitable journals in mind, but they face trouble writing according to set guidelines. Simply requesting a professional essay writer something along the lines of, “Could you, please write my essay ?” is always recommended in such cases. Hence, you can also proceed with this option if you are in the same situation.

If you have read and followed the instructions thus far, that’s great! Now proceed to submit your paper to the selected journal for editor’s review and scholar’s examination. If confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

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