Striking Ideas for College Essay Prompts with General Writing Guidelines

A college essay is an extended version of a school essay that requires more detail and backed by more critical insights. It is one of the most important types of essays because of the standard associated with essay writing. A college student is expected to write with more efficiency, better research, and accurate English. All these expectations obviously make a college essay a tough job, but there are some significant guidelines that can help you overcome and face all the issues that you are facing in writing. These guidelines are available in the form of different writing tutorials or the writing services that are always available to help you.

In this narration, I am going to tell you about some evergreen essay prompts that are not only wise and updated but they can be a knowledgeable research opportunity. Some of the most common prompts that an essay writer can choose for writing a college essay are as follows:

  1. Role of Facebook in self confidences
  2. How has the media proved to be an inner voice?
  3. How has the coronavirus resulted in showing more love to the mother earth?
  4. What has technology brought to the world?
  5. What are some significant ideologies about music history?
  6. How is the accuracy of Greek mythology in Buddhism?
  7. What are some common opinions about special students?
  8. Shed lights on some common behavioral therapies
  9. How beauty standards have a distorted natural body?
  10. What is the impact of body shaming?

These are some of the unique ideas that can help you to write a good and perfect essay prompt. You can either use these ideas in the same way or you can add the opposite to make your topic more critical and unique. Now you might be thinking about the guidelines that can help you write a good essay? Well, I am going to share some quick ideas that can help you in writing an excellent college essay. All these steps should be followed after choosing the topic.

  1. 1. Define your position

    One of the most critical and important points in writing a college essay is to define your position. It is also meant to choose the perspective that you want to discuss in your essay. It will help you restrict your thoughts to a certain idea rather than justifying everything that can be associated with the major body of the essay.

  2. 2. Collect credible data

    After defining the position, your job is to collect data. Now you need to collect the data from most credible sources. These sources should be retrieved from a scholarly article or the research papers. You can also choose peer review articles because it is one of the most suitable options that can help you write an influencing essay.

  3. 3. Organize the information

    Now as you will be having ample information, you need to organize the information. Organizing information also means arranging the information either in chronological orders or the sequence in which different researches have brought modifications in the topics. It will help to create a flow in your essay.

  4. 4. Make a thesis statement

    It is one of the most crucial parts of the essay. The thesis statement is more like making up the actual context of the essay. Make sure that you have mentioned all the points that you are going to discuss in your essay because many of the essays are graded on the basis of the thesis statement. The thesis statement can range from one line to two sentences but it should be a clear approach to the objectives and goals that you are going to discuss in the essay.

  5. 5. Create a rough draft

    Now you are at a practical stage where you are required to create a rough draft. This will be a rough pen down of all the information. It is done to ensure that the essay is to the point and all the collected information is quoted on the paper. A rough draft never means that you will not complete the work or you will make intentional mistakes rather it is something that is secondary to a refined piece of writing.

  6. 6. Follow the standard of writing

    Now you will accomplish all the formatting and designing goals in which you will bold the major headings and ensure that all the text is homogenous with the same font size. You should keep your text at double space with 1.5 inches from all four sides.

  7. 7. Make the final draft

    Now it is time to make a final draft. You only need to cut additional or the not required details and information from the rough draft. For making a final draft, you will design a cover page with a template of your essay. Then you will paste the rough draft that will be eliminated of all additional details and the irrelevant information.

    In the final draft, you need to cite all the resources that you have utilized to collect information. Always mark the space where citations are needed with the names of authors so that correct information is cited. It will not only add to the authenticity but it will reduce the chances of plagiarism in the essay.

  8. 8. Proofreading and editing

    Now you need to sit back and read the essay to eradicate if there are any errors left. You can make use of writing applications to help you proofread. One such example is the application Grammarly, which can help you erase all spelling and grammatical errors along with the mistakes in the sentence structure. Similarly, you can also get help from an essay writing service at affordable rates.

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