The right way to structure your counter-arguments in an argumentative essay

The major yet the most difficult part of writing argumentative writing is constructing strong arguments. Your entire essay depends on the strength of your arguments and how you defend your point to convince readers. Most of the students don’t have enough confidence and skills to convince others to believe in their viewpoint. Although some of them have the ability to come up with some really appealing and strong arguments they don’t know how to put them into words that will have an impact on people.

It is very important to learn how to create an argument that will convince other people. Argumentative writing is a little more difficult than other types of the essay because in this type of essay you can not cover up space by describing an event or analyzing a situation through your lenses. In this type of writing you have to be very specific and to the point because beating the bush around can weaken your arguments. You also need to conduct research to come up with credible and authentic evidence to support your arguments.

Have you ever believed someone who has no evidence to prove their point? I'm sure your answer must be No but how about getting convinced immediately by someone who comes up with a strong fact and evidence to support their arguments? Well, we cannot deny their point even if we don’t seem to agree we are bound to believe due to the references and evidence and put on the table to convince you. Likewise, you need to build strong and powerful arguments along with supporting evidence. An Argumentative Essay requires you to conduct deep research over the facts and figures regarding the topic. Argumentative is a type of essay that allows you to develop a strong viewpoint on a specific subject and prove your stance by giving reasoning justifications and evidence. It is essential to understand the basic requirements, characteristics, and structure of the essay to be able to write an exceptionally convincing and persuasive essay.

Don’t worry if you do not have enough knowledge on how to establish strong, powerful, and convincing arguments. I will explain the right way to structure your counter-argument in argumentative writing or you can ask others to write my essay .

How to Structure Arguments

1. Clear Your Position

First of all, after explaining your topic to the audience you need to clear your position that you are going to argue either in favor or against the topic. This is the right way of stating your viewpoint in front of the readers so that they can understand it better. You need to write a sentence or two to let your readers know your position.

2. Make a Claim

Now the second most important part of structuring your argument is to make a claim. Most of the students start right away without clearing your position. Make sure that the claim that you make is vivid and clear enough for the readers. The most common mistake made by students is that they often state a confusing statement that does not convey a clear meaning. So try to ensure that this part of your argument must be crystal clear because it is the basic structure of building a strong argument to convince the readers. In case you need help, hire a write my paper service now.

3. Supporting evidence

Well only stating a claim and giving your view on a particular subject is not enough to convince the readers to change their minds. It is also necessary to come up with evidence and proof to support your claim. Don't you ever forget this step while structuring your argument because this step is the backbone of your entire essay? When you give evidence it makes your argument worth a while because without solid credible proof no one seems to believe you. You can add factual evidence, statistical evidence, historic events to give reference to your point, or else you can add a saying or a quotation of a famous personality to back up your argument.

Some Tips on How to Present a Counter Argument?

  • A counter-argument needs to be presented objectively, thoroughly, and fairly.
  • Do not just write up a sentence but also provide reasons along with that to back up your view.
  • Make sure to touch all sides of questions rather than sticking to only one side and use all the space explaining that one side of the question.
  • Avoid using biased language while clearing your position
  • Be respectful while referring to the opponent and do not use offensive language to win an argument.
  • You can make appropriate use of satire or sarcasm to point out the misbeliefs and mistaken ideas regarding your subject.
  • White making arguments try not to use personal examples rather comes up with examples of other famous and influential personalities.
  • Do not contradict your own idea in any way.

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