Stuck on your compare and contrast essay assignment? Here are a few examples and ideas to help you get started

There are a lot of essays that are being assigned to you throughout your academic years. You need to follow every essay’s guidelines and principles to make your college essay an effective one.

This article is going to present you with compare and contrast essays, it's simple guidelines, and also a few examples that will give you a clear understanding.

What basically is the compare and contrast essay?

Such analysis is the approach to discuss similarities and differences among two aspects. This is mostly used as just a planning strategy for your essay assignment. However, it's a valuable method for any significant decisions that you'll have to build in the future.

This is essentially an essay examining the differences between the two subjects. Such subjects would be separate and in the same group. You might compare and contrast multiple kinds of pets, or two books from the very same historical context.

Sometimes inside your own writing process tasks you might have to use comparison and contrast strategies to get details that you could use eventually for a claim, even if it is not the standard requirement for the article you are currently working on.

Standards to write a compare and contrast essay

  • You could never compose a clearly informed comparison and contrast without reviewing what has been assigned to you! Therefore, an essay writer has to analyze it thoroughly to build up a strong essay. Perhaps, it will allow you to make comments as you read, labeling items that you find significant. The same kind of process of writing tasks will provide you a major kickstart for your final essay.
  • When you have already read everything, you need to draw up descriptions of how all the things are similar and different from one another. This would be when you've already extracted some notes back in a phase that is going to be useful. Only note down something that immediately comes to mind throughout that process, no matter how insignificant you think it might have been.
  • When you’re comfortable with your collections, the things you find are most notably similar and different can be preferably put back in. Now you can search for the issues you think are going to contribute to the most amazing essay you can create. For instance, choose elements that are important for the identification of both sides.
  • Now you have to compose an outline for your essay. Your outline will break down the actual content of your essay. It will guarantee the flow, connection, and organization within your sentences and the entire essay. This would be six paragraphs long and within each paragraph, you will be writing and will be further split into two paragraphs for defining an appropriate comparison and contrast among particular aspects. Once done, you will be adding a concluded paragraph that will give you a summary of all the points mentioned above.
  • If you already have your collection of descriptions, writing the essay is more a process of justifying your statements with facts from the texts you have read. This is important to have your viewers to support your claims. For comparison and contrast articles, which have something more work to be done than typical papers. You can possibly move on with getting one valid example per text for every point you choose to describe.
  • Once being done, now you need to proofread and edit your essay. You need to check for grammar and punctuation errors. You can even ask any of your peers to re-check your paper. It will provide you with a unique and second-eye opinion. This is all you have to do to write an effective essay.

Some basic examples

People get a more clear understanding of the content when it is illustrated with an image or with some examples. In this tutorial, you will be provided with compare and contrast essay examples which will give you a depiction of how two or more aspects are being compared and contrasted at the very same time.

Example 1: Medium of Communication

“Till the introduction of personal computers and advanced techniques, communicators used in long-distance relationships were all conventional methods including such letters and also the telephone. People now have a wide range of communications mediums that can make it possible from emails to chat messaging or video conferencing calls.

One similarity between existing and prior communication styles is that it contributes to the contact process. Throughout the past, all oral types such as telephone calls, and all written styles such as letters were generally implemented. Additionally, oral styles are still used through instant messaging systems, such as email, cell phone, and voicemail messages.

Certainly, however, there are so many variations in how people interact over greater distances, the most significant of this is speed. Messages in history can take days to get to their destinations. By comparison, an email is delivered instantly and can also be evaluated in seconds once it has been released. It's indeed different from the modern case, where you can send a text message instantly.

In conclusion, communication strategies have improved considerably over the last five decades. However there are some similarities, including such modes of communication, there can be significant differences, particularly those related to communication speed and also the variety of accessible communications systems.”

Example 2: Organic vs Inorganic Foods

“The consumer demand for natural foods has risen exponentially throughout the last two centuries. The success of organic foods has recently increased greatly with buyers, investing substantially more money on them more than the amount of money spent on synthetic products.

Analysts stated that between 2014 and 2015, the US industry reported an increase in sales of organic food with even more than 10 percent of the total profit. The rise is in accordance with several customers’ opinions that organic products are cheaper, tastes better, and healthier than synthetic foods.

In addition, depending on the environmental impacts of foods, organic foods bring the lower risk of contamination from the atmosphere than inorganic foods. By default, organic foods would be those created without even any synthetic chemical modification or through the use of certain genetically modified products, including such pesticides and perhaps even antibiotics.”

These examples will help you write a perfect compare and contrast essay in no time. But if you still want any help, hire a professional ‘write my essay’ service at reasonable rates.

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