Stuck with your essay? Here are 5 sample essay introductions to get you started

The introduction of your essay is the first thing that will get the attention of the reader. In case, you are writing for academic activity, you need to make sure that you pay extra attention to your task. The essay introduction may take different forms, and each of these forms concludes at your thesis stance that is the idea you will be discussing further. Many students think that writing an introduction is a difficult and compelling task and therefore they require extra attention to make it flawless. They are right, but they don’t have the knowledge that following some simple steps can make them write a perfect essay. Following are these simple steps that will be followed by five sample essay introductions or you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Be mindful of the topic

The first thing an essay writer needs to make sure is that he has a complete hold on the topic. In doing this, the first thing you need to make sure is that you have read the topic thoroughly. If after reading for the first time, you are not getting the idea give it a second and then a third read. After reading the topic several times you will clearly get the idea of what is required in the topic. Now when you have understood the topic create a rough draft in your mind. This draft is important as it will help you write the first concept and from here on you can improve this draft.

Create a hook

Sometimes a reader is looking after a catchy statement that is known as a hook. This hook grabs the attention of the reader and makes it interesting for the reader. You can also create a hook by starting your introduction with a catchy statement like, so it was a rainy day when I first met Ally. In creating a hook, you need to make sure that it makes sense with the larger theme of your essay. Often the students write an unnecessary statement or make a serious grammar-related error that ruins their effort. You just need to make sure that your hook is making a real sense of the theme of your essay. Need professional assistance to create an engaging hook? Hire a paper writing service now.

Conclude with a thesis stance

The essay introduction normally ends with a thesis stance. This thesis stance is the idea that you will be discussing further in the essay. The academic writers, who are experts in writing an essay introduction consider the thesis stance as the most essential component of the introduction. The thesis stance also helps a reader to have an idea about the writer’s take on the topic. So, if you are planning to conclude your essay with a thesis stance, mention it while concluding your essay and make it italic.

The following are some sample essay introductions that will help give you an idea about writing your introduction.

Sample 1- Start with a quote

According to Henry David “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” David’s ideas make a person think about nature. We all live in a world that is strange in so many ways. We observe different phenomena every day and they all are beautiful and eye captivating. Some of us think that heaven is the ultimate expression of nature that is wrong rather heaven is each beautiful thing we come across. So, when it comes to nature, heaven must be conceived as just a reflection of our imagination about nature.

Sample 2- Raise questions

There is always a question in everyone’s mind about things we cannot physically grasp. What are these things and why humans always have an urge to hold them? Let us explore these attributes of human desire. It is a reality that human beings are always curious about getting to know what lies behind the vastness, they observe every day. This vastness is a cause of creating curiosity and for centuries, scientists and philosophers have attempted to explore this. Why are humans so curious about these limits? What drives the desire of humans to have a hold on different affairs? And what are the things that lie behind this vastness?

Sample 3- Create a hook

Life and nature have a strong relationship with each other. Human’s interpretation of things has always been very charming when it comes to reading about nature. In earlier civilizations, when humans had nothing to live a life with, they created a relationship with nature. From here on, humans have been witnessing this relation in so many ways and every time when they discover a new thing, it brings in huge joy and temptation.

Sample 4- Incorporate a thesis stance

For many of us, science is a subject or a phenomenon that we have a little idea about. A thorough analysis of human’s interpretation of science suggests that each belief that becomes challenging for the scientists is made a mystery and they vanish their efforts of further resolving that. But this is not how things must be working. If one is curious about resolving the mystery of science, he must be adamant of the fact that science is related deeply with nature.

Sample 5- Challenge a belief

The world we are living in is dubious in so many ways. Sometimes when we see a thing, or we feel it, we come to know that this specific thing was not how we had been thinking about this for our whole life. This is a dubious aspect of our understanding of things. If humans want to explore this confusion of nature, we need to vanish our understanding of religion and its relationship with science.

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