Techniques and words you can use to improve transitions in your paragraphs

You can write an essay by using some basic techniques and principles. However, writing an essay and writing an exceptional essay are two different things. Any student can write an essay as it is nothing more than writing a story; that you have been doing since elementary school. It is also true that writing an essay is a challenging task and most of the students often find it difficult to complete. It is only because they have to memorize and implement all those rules which are essential to follow. The use of transition phrases is one rule which ensures that you can write a good essay.

It is very important that you should know some transition words for essays before you start writing a college essay. Remember that writing an essay is not rocket science you just need to follow rules that you already know. Transition words help you to write concisely and eloquently by conveying clear information. These words develop logical connections between sections, paragraphs, and sentences. A reader can have a comprehensive idea of what to do with the given information.

These words present your thoughts in an organized manner by telling the reader what to do like how to react with or against your ideas in a logical and coherent way. You just need to differentiate that transition words are not just verbal decorations used to embellish your paper. The words portray particular meanings and give a logical order to your ideas.

Why do you need transition phrases?

If you have submitted your essay to the professor and he returned it with comments like abrupt, jumpy, how is this related, or use words like choppy. It means you have missed something from your essay and your concepts were not clear. In the same way, if your colleagues face difficulty in comprehending your ideas then it means you are missing some important points in your essay.

You just need to remember one fact that you do not need to jump between the ideas quickly without using transition phrases. The organization of concepts and ideas is very important which you can only achieve by using transition phrases. If you feel difficulty then you can also hire an academic paper writing service for your essay. They also provide limited free services, like citations, revisions, and consultation. You can consult them to guide you about transition phrases or you can also ask to write your essay altogether.

Types of transitions

For using a transition phrase, it is important to know its different types so that you can follow it effectively. A transition can be an entire paragraph, a sentence, a phrase, or a single word. The only common thing is they all serve the same purpose, yes, they provide and work as a bridge among ideas and allow you to incorporate many ideas smoothly.

  1. 1. Transitions within paragraphs: It helps the reader to anticipate what is coming next so that he can comprehend old and new ideas. Sometimes a paragraph only contains one idea but where it is essential you can also include more than one idea but do not forget to use transitions.
  2. 2. The transition between paragraphs: It is very important and allows you to move from one idea to another logically and in a sequence. It requires little vigilance because you have to use sentences to link two different paragraphs. You can use transition sentences at the end of a paragraph and at the start of a new paragraph to build the connection.
  3. 3. The transition between sections: If you are writing a long essay or a research paper then you should link the ideas mentioned in different sections or chapters. You should give reference to the already mentioned ideas when you mention the new one. It will work as a connection between different sections.

Techniques to use transitions

Sometimes transition means to use a synonym word to build a connection. To use it effectively you just need to identify some words with an effort to build logical relationships. The below table shows how to establish a logical relationship by using transitional expressions. A pro-tip to use transition phrases is to make an outline of your essay. In this way, you would know how many ideas are there, what their sequence is, and where you need to incorporate transition sentences.

Logical Relationship Transitional Words
Time Then, subsequently, recently, now, meanwhile, simultaneously, later, earlier, currently, at last, afterward, after, during, immediately, earlier
Order/Sequence Then, next, finally, first, second, third….
Exception/Contrast In contrast, notwithstanding, nonetheless, nevertheless, on the contrary, still, ye, on the other hand, in spite of, however, but
Similarity So too, similarly, likewise, just as, in the say way, also
Example To illustrate, specifically, namely, for instance, for example
Position/Place There, nearby, in back, in front, here, beyond, below, adjacent, and above
Emphasis Truly, in fact, indeed, even, of course
Cause and effect Thus, therefore, hence, so, consequently, accordingly
Evidence/Additional support Then, moreover, in addition, furthermore, equally important, besides, as well, and, also, again, additionally, further
Summary/Conclusion In sum, to summarize, to conclude, on the whole, in the final analysis, in the end, in conclusion, in brief, in a word, briefly, finally.

These were some examples of transition words; do not stick with one word throughout an essay and every time uses a different one. The nature of transition sentences differs between the paragraphs and usually, it depends on your academic discipline. It is a little complex but not impossible. An essay writer just needs a thorough study of a particular topic so that he can include or discuss multiple dimensions in his essay by using transition sentences.

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