The 2021 list of 70+ argumentative essay topics for a high school paper.

High school is the first step towards the journey of attaining career goals. Individuals enter high school highly motivated with their eyes full of dreams. There are a lot of new things that you can learn in high school and believe me you’ll have the time of your life here until you are assigned a task to write an essay while exploring different essay types.

I won’t be wrong if I say that essay writing is a daunting task. However, once an essay writer nails the art of essay writing, he will find this task easy-peasy. Often whenever students are asked to write an essay they start to panic and in that extreme panic, they tend to make mistakes that cost them their grades. Moreover, the ultimate desire of impressing professors and being considered as a bright student among their fellow students try to pick a complex topic and end up with a vague paper that lacks proper research.

Are you assigned a task to write an argumentative essay on the topic of your choice? Are you confused since you aren’t able to figure out what topic is the most suitable for you? If yes, then you aren’t the only one. Many students struggle to find a perfect topic for their essays. Specifically, discussing the argumentative essay, you must have seen people around you presenting arguments in favor or against any topic. Similarly, even when you turn on the news channel or hit the internet and scroll down any social media sites you will encounter a lot of people who are arguing about certain topics. However, when it comes to writing an argumentative essay you need to be careful while picking a topic.

The first thing you must consider while selecting an argumentative topic is your audience. Make sure that your essay tone is light and the topic doesn’t discuss any sensitive issue that may create controversy or hurt other people’s sentiments. Also, your topic must not be too broad or too narrow.

If you are looking for argumentative essay topics, then you are in the right place. Below is the list of more than 100 topics from which you can pick the one on which you believe you can craft an effective essay. Or you can ask others to write my essay.

  1. Is the current taxation system effective or not?
  2. Obesity is a disease.
  3. Energy drinks should be banned from the counters.
  4. Significance of competition to succeed.
  5. Is peer pressure a thing?
  6. Is getting a college-level degree worth the cost?
  7. Social media platforms give depression to teens
  8. Social media platforms as a source of income for teens
  9. Can intelligence be measured by grades?
  10. Internet usage should be reduced.
  11. Can spanking be utilized to discipline children?
  12. Social media altering people’s behavior
  13. Are video games a source of violence in real life?
  14. Socialism Vs Capitalism. Which one is favorable to society?
  15. Why are certain healthcare systems superior?
  16. Beauty magazines as a source of women objectification
  17. Are immigrants a burden on host countries?
  18. Will Artificial intelligence overtake humans?
  19. Is homeschooling better than traditional school systems?
  20. Should gay marriages be allowed?
  21. Gay couples should be given the right to adopt a child
  22. Industrialization is causing more pollution
  23. Bullying should be considered a punishable crime
  24. Can smartphones be considered beneficial for children’s learning?
  25. Smartphones and tablets restrictions should be imposed on children
  26. Are comic books beneficial?
  27. Can comics books be considered a significant part of literature?
  28. Do dreams have any symbolic meaning or it is a myth?
  29. Healthcare is a basic human right.
  30. Are insurance companies more inclined to making money than serving people?
  31. A democratic system is the best system
  32. democracy vs dictatorship: the better one?
  33. Prisoners should also be given the right to vote
  34. What is the perfect age for voting?
  35. Alcohol consumption is bad for pregnant ladies
  36. Gun control a way to deter crimes or not
  37. Is regular policing beneficial in fostering communities trust in law enforcement
  38. Is regular policing beneficial or not?
  39. Capital punishments must be abolished

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  1. Co-education is better for students
  2. Is love, at first sight, a real thing?
  3. Are women capable of handling stress better than men?
  4. Steroids should not be allowed in professional sports?
  5. Batman is better than spiderman
  6. Dc comics are better than Marvel comics
  7. Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day
  8. Workplace burnouts cause depression
  9. Working hours should be reduced.
  10. Are online news articles taking place of published newspapers?
  11. Technology usage is getting uncountable
  12. Is the integration of technology in education beneficial?
  13. Is technology breeding laziness?
  14. Does body-shaming negatively impact teens' mental health?
  15. Females are more emotionally stable than men
  16. Abortion should be made legal
  17. Drug addiction: a choice or a disease
  18. Gun control is fostering the illegal selling of weapons
  19. Is music a form of art?
  20. Objectification of women in modern literature
  21. Objectification of women in advertisement
  22. Social media is causing depression among teens
  23. Can addiction be treated with therapies?
  24. Sex education must be made compulsory
  25. Is the college tuition fee too high?
  26. Racial discrimination in schools
  27. Marijuana should be legalized
  28. More tax should be enforced on rich people
  29. Religion is causing extremism
  30. Religion is the main source of war
  31. Photoshop techniques must not be used for magazines
  32. Is a vegetarian diet a healthy diet?
  33. Protein diet Vs keto diet: the better one?

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