The ESL student's guide to writing effective conclusions

The conclusion section of a college essay plays an important role in convincing the reader about the essay as a whole. The introduction and body paragraphs may be written very well but the author may not be able to conclude the essay effectively. Some readers jump directly from the introduction section to the conclusion to see if the thesis statement has been effectively defended. The ESL students have some extra considerations to make while writing the concluding paragraph. In the following lines, we will present some guidelines for these students for writing the concluding paragraph.

Purpose of the conclusion

The ESL students should know that the basic purpose of the conclusion is to summarize all the points presented in the essay. However, there should be a clear connection between the conclusion and all other parts of the essay. One technique to start the conclusion is to restate the thesis statement in different words and present the points in the body paragraphs again. According to the specific type of essay, the authors may present their points of view related to the details given.

Simplicity of language

As an ESL student, it may be difficult to answer the question, how to write a conclusion? The simplicity of the language is the major principle for writing a good conclusion. Some words are understood by only a few people in society whereas some words are understood by a large majority of the readers. As an ESL student, you should use the words which are easily understood by the majority. The language should be kept very simple by the essay writer. Some words have a different dictionary and literal meanings. You should not use any word about which you are not sure. This aspect will work best when the audience of the essay also has English as their second language. If you are writing for the native English speakers, you should use a more complex language.

An action initiated

The first kind of conclusion can provide readers with a call for action. This approach is an effective way to engage the readers with the topic and leave a strong impression upon them.


The students can prepare well for a language exam by analyzing, organizing, and practicing different words from English. This process will consume a good amount of time and practice from the candidates. These steps will make the vocabulary enhancement much easier for the students.

In the above example, simple words have been used to convey the meanings effectively. This also provides an easy three-step process for the students to follow. The ESL students will find this process more appropriate because they will be learning English as their second language.

Concluding with a question

This is another way to engage the readers with the conclusion. This question should become the part of the essay naturally rather than adding It at any place to complete the number of words. The ESL students have to take greater care with the placement of the questions.


The coffee culture has changed in Canada. We did different things before the gourmet coffee shops. How did we accept the coffee brand without any cinnamon? What alternatives did the students have when they wanted a break?

The above paragraph provides a large number of questions to the readers to ponder upon. This approach will work well for ESL students because the reader will be engaged in thinking about the answers to these questions.

A decisive point

A strong statement can be made regarding an opinion or a fact. The main purpose of this form is to leave the readers with a long-term impression so that they can recall the points made in the essay. The essay would end with a clear opinion from the author.


Preparation for camping can take many days because people require a large number of things to take along. You have to check if you can carry a heavy backpack along with water can with you. As far as I am concerned, I will be going back to the nearest camping site and in case of rain, I will be sleeping in my car.

The above statement shows an opinion in the last sentence and gives the readers a clear path to think about. The conclusion is also written by using common words so that the ESL students are also able to understand it.

Reviewing the key points

This is the easiest way of writing a conclusion paragraph and perhaps the most suitable for ESL students. They just have to present all the points with different languages and perspectives in this method. However, the author should not restate the points exactly in this section. The evidence presented in the previous sections should allow the author to come up with some addition in terms of opinion or they may leave it to the audience to extract something of their own.


A suitable set of clothes, having acceptable alternatives for food, and management of the campsites can be the biggest challenges for a camper. People who prefer the comforts of home should go for the public campgrounds for their first visit. Camping on your own can be a good source of escaping from the day-to-day matters of your life.

The above example shows how the author has summarized all the points previously made in the essay. The readers can extract the most suitable information for them from this information.

This guide provides an idea about writing effective conclusions for your essays. However, if you are overburdened with other writing assignments, take help from an authorized essay writing service at reasonable rates.

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