The value of qualitative research designs in healthcare

There are two major methodologies used in the research. The quantitative approach assumes that there is no exact reality existing without observation but people have developed all the realities by themselves. The quantitative approach assumes that there is a single measurable and observable reality that can be analyzed. This kind of research tends to answer the statements of why and how regarding the public health topic. The qualitative methods are used to develop the hypothesis which can be tested within the controlled experiments. Qualitative methods may provide a detailed understanding of the topic as compared to quantitative methods. In the following lines, we will take a look at the various sampling techniques used in qualitative methods in healthcare. We will also look at the importance of these healthcare methods or you can ask others to write essay for me.

Purposive Sampling

As the name suggests, this form of sampling is done to achieve some particular purpose out of the research. The sample size used in the qualitative study is usually smaller than the quantitative studies. However, the final sample is selected according to the aim of the research. Probability sampling includes a random selection of the members from the population so that the chosen sample represents the population from which the sample is selected. Qualitative methods deliberately use the non-probability sampling technique to select the participants for the study. These participants are selected according to the specific characteristics required for the study. The power of such sampling lies in the amount of information available to the participants. The researcher will be able to learn a lot about the issues with these participants. This method will help in analyzing the main perspectives related to the study topic as well as some diverse perspectives. Age, gender, health profile can be considered important for the study. This approach allows you to change the inclusion criteria if required. The sample size for the qualitative study will be smaller because there will be very little additional information provided by the units. This kind of research is not concerned whether some disease or characteristic prevails within a population or not. There will be huge amounts of information derived from the subjects so the number of subjects or sample size should be kept small.

Validity of research

This is the first important aspect of research. In qualitative research, it is seen as the quality and strength of the points provided by the researcher to prove the claims about their conclusion’s reliability. In health sciences, the validity aspect is very important because the arguments put forward by the researchers should apply to other studies as well. In other words, researchers should be able to use the conclusions of one study to justify the arguments in other studies. The research is criticized because it cannot be generalized to other scenarios or cases. The interpretations of the analysis cannot be reproduced again and again. The answer to this criticism is that the major aim of this kind of research is not to reproduce the results. Independent researchers will reach identical conclusions by using identical data. Due to the nature of the industry, this is the most important aspect for the researchers. At the same time, it is harder to ascertain validity in the case of research. Remember, you can always get help from an essay writing service.


A person may question that a single medicine does not suit all so the results of any particular research may not be valid for any other researcher. This aspect is covered by researching with

This method uses two or more other techniques to validate the results of a study. This may also be used to provide additional insights into the results or experience. The observational findings can be joined with the interviews of participants to come up with a comprehensive understanding of the topic. This may be easy to implement in healthcare because it will be easier to repeat the experiment differently with the same participants. If the same results are repeated over time, it will show the reliability of your research methodology, if results are different, an essay writer may have to change the course of action.

Document everything

This is the most important part of the research concerning healthcare. The proper documentation of all the research processes will add value for other professionals to learn from it. Since the research does not include any interpretive model, it is even more important to document everything in it.

Most of the healthcare processes include qualitative variables which cannot be easily quantified. Thus, the researchers get the data with the help of interviews and observations. These interviews may provide some raw data to the researchers which can be analyzed with the help of qualitative techniques. You can provide the relevant quotes with the consent of the interviewees in your research. This will provide you with a clear and concise set of documents for your research. This will also make sure that no point is missed from your discussion of the research.

The above analysis reveals the importance of research in the field of healthcare. The inability of the researchers to generalize the results makes the qualitative design more appropriate for the field. Many online writing services are available to help you with all kinds of assignments. Such a paper writing service may help you by providing a free outline for your research assignment. This outline will have a proper justification of the methodology. All the procedures will be provided in the outline so that the researcher can elaborate on them.

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