Thesis Statement Writing Hacks for an Argumentative Essay - Guide

Do you find it a troublesome task to write an effective thesis statement for your essay? Well, most of the students think that writing a power thesis statement is the most difficult task in writing an essay. A thesis statement is considered the backbone of the essay. If your thesis statement is not effective enough your essay may lose its essence. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to develop an effective and strong thesis statement for your argumentative essay I will teach you exactly what you are looking for. Many students cry and whine about how difficult it is to build a thesis statement for an argumentative essay. Trust me it is not that hard you just have to learn a few tricks and hacks to establish a mind-blowing thesis statement for your essay.

In an argumentative essay, you have to write either in favor or against the topic. In either case, you need to develop strong and effective arguments to make your essay appealing to the readers. You have to write down your opinion regarding the topic in your thesis statement. In short, you have to define your position in a thesis statement and reflect upon your essay in one or two lines. I will share some hacks on how to develop a thesis statement for an argumentative essay to make it compelling to the readers or you can ask others to write my essay.

How to Develop a Thesis Statement?

You have to follow a proper structure to develop a thesis statement. It is super simple and easy to construct a strong and effective thesis statement for your argumentative essay. First of all, you have to clear your position, state your opinion along with the arguments that are covered in the essay. You have to ensure that your thesis statement is not complicated or ambiguous. Try to make it as simple as you can.

Your thesis statement must have three major parts:

  1. 1. Limited subject

    You should define the subject of your topic in your topic to convey your opinion to the readers. You have to ensure that the subject should meet the requirements of your instructor for the particular assignment.

  2. 2. Precise opinion

    The second most important part of your thesis statement is to state your opinion about the subject of the essay. It is essential to write a precise opinion to convey a message to the reader to make them understand the goal of the essay.

  3. 3. Reasons

    The third part of the thesis statement permits you to shape your essay by providing the reasons to back your opinion regarding the subject of the essay. You should have a clear idea of the points and the arguments you are going to make in your essay.

Hacks to Develop a Thesis Statement

  1. 1. The placement of the Thesis Statement

    The placement of the thesis statement plays a major role in making your essay either appealing or boring. You should end your introduction paragraph with a thesis statement. Most students place it at the beginning of the essay or in the last paragraph which ruins the sense of the entire essay.

  2. 2. Clarity of the Statement

    Your thesis statement should be clear and least complexed. It should give a clear meaning to the readers. Try to ensure that your thesis statement should not be too long or too short. It should consist of one or two lines with a clearly defined purpose.

  3. 3. It should be impactful

    Your thesis statement should leave a powerful impact on the readers. You should be able to construct a powerful thesis statement that would make your readers believe in your viewpoint. It should provide strong reasons to support your opinion. It should not be based on illogical and invalid reasons rather you should come up with logical and rational reasons to support your thesis statement.

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