Things to Avoid in Personal Statement - Guide

A remarkable test score and good grades cannot be used alone as a guarantee to get into college. Your statement must be unique from the limitless candidates applying for the same college. Don’t let your tedious efforts go to waste while crafting a cliché statement that repels the college administration. If you are panicking; good! You’re on the right track. By avoiding some common mistakes, you can represent your best self to the college of your dreams or you can ask others to write my essay.

How to write a personal statement

The best way to handle any task is by adopting a systematic approach. To tailor a perfect personal statement, you first need to write a personal introduction that describes who you are and what are your goals. After that, creatively describe your experience and non-academic achievements. Finally, conclude by summarizing the statement and describing your goals. In case you are confused, hire an essay writing service now.

Common mistakes that you must avoid

Thousands of candidates get rejected based on several common mistakes made in the statement. One solution is to hire an essay writer online for guidance. These writers know about the common mistakes and can craft a perfect statement within a limited time if you provide them with your true achievements. The other way is to self-construct your statement focusing on avoiding the mentioned mistakes.

1. No Proofreading:

The first thing to do when you have finished writing your statement is to manually check any possible errors. Mistakes in grammar, sentence structure, and the usage of slang should be corrected immediately. Don't be lazy; check for errors manually after the usage of a spellcheck software. Another tip is to make your friends and family check for any errors they might stumble upon. If you need help with proofreading, ask a write my paper service to do it for you.

2. Irrelevant data:

While writing your statement, avoid adding statements that the college administration already knows. You are probably restricted by a word limit so don’t repeat your sentences. Don’t start explaining scientific theories or English literature, instead focus on yourself. One common mistake that must be avoided is to list all your achievements without explaining them.

3. Being too negative:

The college wants to hear your unique inspirational story instead of a pity party. Don’t complain too much, instead show them how you managed to efficiently counter this difficulty in your life. Remember not to complain about finances in your statement, that’s what scholarship essays are for. The college administration should get a sense of positive energy from your statement.

4. Being too clichés

Creativity is key to a well-crafted statement. The college administration wants to learn about your personal unique life. Avoid commonly used metaphors such as “ I want to join XYZ college because of my immense thirst for knowledge”. Everyone going to college wants to obtain knowledge so there is nothing unique about it.

5. Lying:

Your statement should only contain those facts which can be proved at any time. If you were the captain of the football team for one day in 7th grade, don’t claim to be the captain of your high school side. All facts can easily be verified by the school or any organizations you might have worked for. Exaggerating is another form of lying. Structure your story in such a way that your regular achievements are viewed as unique and commendable.

All of these rules can prove to be difficult to follow. Online services are available to help you successfully avoid these mistakes. You might start wondering: "Are there any services that can write my essay for me?” There are countless guidance services available online that either write the statement on your behalf or conduct a thorough analysis to catch any mistakes.


By avoiding the mentioned common mistakes, you can craft a well-written statement that positively expresses your personality. Congratulations, you've completed step 1. You have now successfully sparked your statement-writing curiosity. The next and final step is to follow through on the guidelines and if you are still facing any problems, employ online paper writing service websites.

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