Things to consider while proofreading your research paper

Proofreading is a method of looking for errors before submitting your dissertation or college essay assignment. Errors can be both typographical or grammatical but they can also have issues with the research paper narrative flow (logical sequence of ideas and thoughts), any word processing errors (indented paragraphs, uneven margin, line spacing, etc.), and issues with concise writing (wordiness).

Let suppose, you have just finished your 200 page Ph.D. dissertation or research paper. It took you many months of late-night researching and coming up with a huge amount of data to write your dissertation. Before you impress your supervisor and research committee, you have to proofread this many times. Use this strategy: Proofread, proofread again and proofread some more.

Before we go to the general guideline it is important to know the difference between editing and proofreading. Remember! Proofreading and editing are different stages in the process of revising a paper. Proofreading mainly focuses on minor inconsistencies and errors whereas editing includes a major change to paper structure, content, and language. Usually paper undergoes several stages of editing before proofreading. Here are some tips on how to proofread your dissertation or thesis.

Revise your text larger aspects

At this stage don’t edit to correct at word and sentence level. If you are required to work on the organization, development, and overall structure of the research paper, you need to change or rearrange the particular sections.

Set your research paper aside for a few days after writing

This is very important to give yourself a few days between writing a research paper and proofreading it. This will help you to remove the remnants of the work from your mind and give you a fresh perspective to spot mistakes. Remove all unnecessary words. Precise and simple language is easier to proofread then complex vocabulary and sentence structure.

Review your reference list

Review all sources that are present in your research paper and make sure all are cited properly in your bibliography.

Determine your Proofreading Method

You didn’t write your dissertation or thesis overnight. Similarly, you cannot proofread it in one sitting. Some students prefer to sit in front of the laptop screen and edit whereas others print a copy to write their proofreading points. Do what suits you best but always start with the first page.

Examine your paper organizational structure

When you are proofreading your dissertation or thesis, you already know that you have to search for errors such as punctuations, grammatical and spelling mistakes. However, it is also important to check your paper's organizational structure. You can also check online research papers for sale to know how a paper should be organized. Check each paragraph to see if all important details are included or not.

Individualize your Proofreading Act

In addition to the above suggestions, it is important to individualize your process of proofreading to determine the weakness in your paper and to correct errors more effectively and efficiently. Think about what kind of errors you normally make. Review all the comments of your supervisor about your paper to learn how these mistakes can be fixed. Talk with your supervisor to help you in avoiding errors.

Remember! Effective proofreading needs extended concentration and focus. If you get distracted easily by any activity or external noise, then proofread in a quiet place such as a library. Always proofread your paper in short intervals and not all at once otherwise it will be very difficult for you to keep concentration. If possible then switch off your phone during proofreading.

Utilize Proofreading tools

Computer software and online tools are very effective in proofreading your work. Some tools are free to use whereas others require a subscription for premium access. With the help of these tools, you can give your research paper a polished look by fixing the issues of spacing and adding tables, bullets, and paragraphs.

Check your punctuation

The mistakes of apostrophe, comma, and capitalization, and quotation marks are very common. These little symbols can change the meaning of the entire sentence so never ignore these mistakes.

Learn from your mistakes

Always pay attention to the mistakes that you made as this helps you to avoid them in the future. If you are not a native English speaker or have a lack of confidence in your English writing, then it is best to take the help of a professional essay writing service. You can either send your paper to the proofreading and editing company or hire a freelance proofreader. The choice is yours. But there are some points that you should remember before hiring a professional proofreading service. You should have a clear idea of how much work your paper needs.

People usually think that they just need proofreading service but in reality, your paper needs some level of editing as well. If you have sent your dissertation or thesis to a proofreader full of confusing sentences and grammatical mistakes, then they might decline to proofread or recommend some other service.

Secondly, hire that proofreading service that has experts specialized in your field and who consider all your proofreading and write my essay request on their priority. In this way, the process of proofreading becomes smoother without any kind of inconvenience.

Double-check all numerical values

This is very important. Suppose you have mistakenly added a zero to some number such as population etc. Then it can lead to serious consequences and even embarrassment. So, always double-check all numerical values in your research paper.

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