Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Tips for New Learners

You may have learned different types of essays during your time in schools and colleges. There is a specific method to write each type of college essay within predefined guidelines. In the same way, writing a compare and contrast essay means to follow all the guidelines mentioned in your course books. In simple words, you can say that in this type of essay you should compare different things. There are two methods to do that first you can either do a comparison or contrast or you can do both. It all depends on the nature of the assignment and your academic discipline.

While writing such an essay you just need two or more than two subjects and try to differentiate the similarities in a meaningful way. Remember that the purpose of compare and contrast essay writing online is not just building differences in a subtle way. Rather its purpose is to illuminate the reader about other possible outcomes linked with the topic. This essay has its limitation too as you cannot compare apples with potatoes. For a good essay, you should choose two types of apples or various types of potatoes.

For example, in your essay, you can say that Granny Smiths’ apples are acidic and tart while Red Delicious apples are sweet. In the same way, you can compare different types of potatoes depending upon their texture and region in which they were grown. You can also compare speeches made by different world leaders and how they impacted the public. Sometimes, there may be a narrow window where you would not find any similarities but only differences.

Then you can write in your conclusion that the two documents do not have any similarities. Logic comes first if two subjects are not similar in terms of properties then it would be difficult for you to build relationships. That is why it is important to follow every rule so that you can avoid any possible mistakes. In this post, I will write some tips approved by academics by following these, the cheapest essay writing service can write an exceptional essay.

Tips to write compare and contrast essay

Choose different subjects

It is the very first step to make sure that your topic is worth a spotlight of comparison. The comparison between two different subjects must be plausible and logical. Otherwise, it would be a lot tough for you to write such an essay. If you can compare two historians or artists then make sure that both should have worked in the same medium. As you cannot compare a romantic poem with a history paper about the War of Independence.

Make two separate lists

It would help you to start your search from a broader perspective and end it at one specific point. In this kind of essay, it is helpful to include every major idea which you would discuss in your essay. If you are comparing two subjects the best method is to draw a vertical line on a piece of paper and write down major similarities and differences. First, write all the differences and then all the similarities about a poem, novel, or any other piece of literature. For example, if you are comparing two novels first write similarities about every character, how many literary devices the author used, and what he tried to convey in his novel.

Highlight important points or similarities and differences

While comparing you would be able to collect many points but you should not incorporate all of those into your essay. Your essay should be concise, eloquent, and vivid which is only possible in case of narrowing it down to certain points. Knowing too much about your subject would definitely help you to understand it better by eliminating all the unrelated points or options. For example, if you can compare two painters from different time periods who started a journey of success from different points in history but both reached the same level of success. You can only include it in your essay if it is relevant and worth mentioning.

Craft an outline

It is the first major practical step towards the start of your actual essay where you would include and write all important points. These points should be final that you would later discuss in your essay. You can have a number of options in this section, the major difference would occur in body paragraphs. Your every paragraph would contain different arguments. It is totally up to you whether to write one or two differences and lead to similarities or vice versa. You can also buy essay online from an authentic website.

Gather supporting evidence

First, introduce your topic in the introduction paragraph like tell the reader why you have to choose a particular topic for your essay. End your first or introduction paragraphs with the thesis statement and clearly state your position. There would be three paragraphs in your body each containing unique similarities and differences. In these paragraphs, you should present your evidence which could be in the form of arguments, facts, figures, or statistics.

If you are writing an informative essay then it is essential to include all the relevant information with supporting evidence. Sometimes it can be difficult to write an appealing essay in that case you can also hire a ‘write my paper for me’ service for your essay. It would save you from all of the hassles and you can get a perfect essay written by a professional essay writer.

Conclude your thoughts

It is the last paragraph of your essay in which you should reinstate your thesis statement. Then briefly discuss all the previously mentioned similarities and differences. In the end, you can also propose a call to action or a rhetorical question but it would work in the case of an arts and literature essay. In the case of comparing two history papers, you can just compare and conclude them according to your own understanding.

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