Tips to Avoid Unintentional and Accidental plagiarism in Essay Writing - Guide

High plagiarism is a nightmare to the students. Sometimes unintentional and accidental plagiarism comes in essay writing and it affects our grades. It is a challenging task to reduce plagiarism in your academic writing. Most teachers and institutions do not tolerate plagiarism in your work and straight away give you a Zero for high plagiarism. It is advised to keep the percentage of your plagiarism as low as possible in your essay to get high scores. Sometimes unexpected plagiarism comes up even on some technical words that can not be replaced with another word.

Plagiarism is considered as an unethical practice of copying content or ideas of another author or a researcher. Plagiarism is not allowed in academic writings and if there the percentage of plagiarism is found to be higher than a certain number your research paper gets rejected and you get zero straight away in your essays. It is considered a serious academic and intellectual offense. High plagiarism can lead to negative consequences. Nowadays plagiarism is considered a grave problem in academic publishing and essay writings. There are multiple reasons why an essay writer gets plagiarism in your document and one of the main causes is when you copy material from someone else’s content.

Most of the time it happens that you don’t copy anything but due to some random phrases and words that are used commonly accidental plagiarism occurs and I will share a few tips to avoid accidental plagiarism in your essays and research papers or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

How to Avoid Unintentional Plagiarism

  1. 1. Examine your sources

    First of all, you need to examine the sources that you are going to use to collect information. You need to ensure the authenticity and the relevance of the sources before using them in your paper. Referring to the sources means you just gather a piece of information from that particular source, some people copy the information and it creates plagiarism in your essay. You have to avoid copying information from the sources that you use. You just have to conduct research from the sources and then write your own idea in accordance with the information. Also, don’t forget to give credits to the author and the source from where you collect the information.

  2. 2. Use proper formatting

    Secondly, the most important tip is to follow a proper formatting style to avoid unnecessary plagiarism in your document. There are a lot of formatting styles like MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.

    You can use an appropriate formatting style to avoid plagiarism. It also helps you format your document properly and gives a professional look to your paper. Each formatting style has its requirements and you need to follow them properly like i-text citation, referencing list, font size, margins, etc.

  3. 3. In-Text Citation

    When you use a quotation of a piece of information from the work of another author you are supposed to add an in-text citation which requires you to add the name of the author, the source you got the information from, publication date and year, etc. it helps the reader recognize the sources you have used in your essay. This is the most effective way of reducing plagiarism because when you refer the information to that author it automatically determines that you have given credits to the author and it is not considered an immoral or unethical practice. It is advised to use an in-text citation to avoid unnecessary plagiarism.

  4. 4. Avoid repetition/use of cliches

    Avoid repeating words again and again in the same passage because the continuously repeated words are also counted as plagiarism words. So try to use alternative words each time to avoid unintentional plagiarism in your work. Sometimes you don’t copy words but the phrase you use is too common that it comes under the plagiarised content so avoid using too common phrases or cliches so that you don’t get unintentional plagiarism.

  5. 5. Referencing List

    The most effective way of reducing plagiarism is to add a referencing list at the end of the document. Referencing list contains the list of sources, the name of the authors, sources name, published date and year, etc at the end of the document to give credits to the authors. The idea of adding a referencing list determines that the sources are used in order to gather the basic idea of your subject, not for copying purposes. You can simply state your own arguments and provide evidence from the sources to back up your arguments. So this is how you can use the sources to show the authenticity and the credibility of the information you have added in your paper by using external sources.

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