Tips to Create a Plagiarism Free Essay - Guide

There is no clear and single definition of plagiarism because it is a type of academic dishonesty that takes various forms. Writing original essays and papers is one of the most important things for a student. However, some students still face difficulties in achieving this milestone.

Nevertheless, do not worry if you are in a similar situation; just hire an essay writing service and tell them to “write my essay for me,” and they will compose a masterful piece of work for you. They also provide plagiarism reports while delivering the essay to let you know that your essay is free of plagiarism

Scholars and professional writers give different tips and tricks that can help you compose a plagiarism-free essay or paper. However, not all of them work as one may expect. Hence, the following are the most effective and tactical tips for creating a plagiarism free essay.

1. Rephrasing or Paraphrasing

After finding the most relevant and suitable material for your essay or paper, write a rough draft of what you get from the work. In other words, creating a rough draft that describes the points you have to cover in your essay is an effective approach. It is always required not to copy and paste the original content of a paper, essay, or report.

No doubt paraphrasing takes time, but it is the most effective and credible way to write without plagiarism. Hence, let it take time rather than letting your grades be at risk.

2. Citing Sources

One of the easiest and most effective ways to write a plagiarism-free essay is by making use of citations. However, remember to add the in-text citation for all the sources you have used in your essay or paper. In addition, always pay attention to formatting guidelines whenever you cite a source or adding its in-text citation.

3. Quoting or Using Quotation

One of the highly recognized approaches to writing masterful essays is quoting relevant, important, and credible materials. Almost every student knows how to write an essay, but they face difficulties when it comes to quoting the sources correctly. Copying and pasting someone else’s work is not quoting, and it results in direct plagiarism.

Hence, use inverted commas to put the text you have taken as a quote. Besides, italicize your quotes and add the author’s in-text citations according to the writing format that may be APA, MLA, or Harvard, etc. However, avoid adding extensive quotes even if you are adding them correctly because many universities and professors do not appreciate quotes that consist of more than 40 words. If confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

4. Citing your concepts or ideas

Your own concepts and ideas remain authentic. However, make sure to cite yourself or your ideas whenever you use your previous ideas for the second time. According to a professional essay writer, learning to cite oneself or one’s ideas is not difficult. Hence, give it some time, and you would get huge assistance. In short, make sure to quote your own ideas as you quote others’ ideas so that you would easily write plagiarism-free essays.

Apart from the tips given above, adding a reference page at the end of your essay or paper should not be forgotten. Always include a reference page that should contain all sources that you have used in your essay.

Hope you now have several ideas and tricks on how to write a masterful plagiarism-free essay! However, if you are still unsure, ask a professional writer to “ write my essay ” because risking your grades is the biggest and most critical mistake that some students make. So always keep away from making such a mistake.

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