Tips to Create an Amazing Opinion Essay - Helping Guide

Ever heard of an opinion essay? It’s a formal essay here you state your opinion and then you prove it right by giving evidence.

In theory, it sounds a lot like a normal essay. And yes, the concept is the same.

But when you sit down and try to write an opinion essay, you will have to adopt a different strategy.

But don’t worry! It won’t be that different. You will be able to handle it just fine.

That is if you follow the brilliant tips that I am about to give you.

I am going to tell you what it is that you need to do differently in your opinion essay. So that when you write one, you won’t get confused between an opinion essay and normal essays.

So, here are some tips to get you started with your opinion essay. Or you can ask others to write my essay online.

Tip #1: Tenses

Usually, you have the option to choose which tense you will use to write your essay. That is unless your professor specifically mentions one.

But in an opinion essay, it is best to write in the present tense.

Not that you can’t write in the past tense. It’s just that this is a writing convention that has been set.

It shows that you still have the opinion that you are talking about.

Tip #2: Vocabulary

Just because this is an opinion essay does not mean that you can use casual vocabulary.

Remember! An opinion essay is still a formal essay and you still need to use formal vocabulary in it.

This means no slang, no idioms, or any other such details. State your opinion, yes, but do it in a way that is worthy of academic writing.

Tip #3: Linking Words

In your essay, you will state an opinion and when you do that, you will obviously need to provide reasons.

All of these reasons should be connected to the central idea.

To do that, you can make use of linking words. These so-called “words” are actually phrases that link one reason to the other.

Examples include since, due to, for this reason, one reason for this is, many people believe that etc.

Tip #4: Use of Sources

Just because this is an opinion piece does not mean that you won’t need sources.

In fact, you may need more sources but that depends on the topic at hand.

Regardless, sources will be needed even if they are less than usual. Only use sources where they are necessary and don’t use them just for the sake of it.

Make sure you differentiate between a source and your own opinion.

Tip #5: The Perspective

In normal essays, you use a third-person perspective which means that you can’t directly address the audience. You also can’t say words like “I”, “We”, etc.

But this can change in an opinion essay.

Although, you should confirm this with your professor first. They may not want you to write from the first-person perspective.

But since you are giving a personal opinion, the first-person perspective is generally accepted.

Tip #6: Punctuation

Now, just because you can write from a first-person perspective does not mean that you become overly casual.

Yes using words like “I” makes the custom essay a bit less formal but this does not mean you start slacking on the punctuation.

Your punctuation should remain the same as any other essay that you write. That means no use of exclamation marks or anything else considered informal.

Tip #7: Supporting Evidence

Yes, this is still a part of the essay even though you are stating your own opinion. Your opinion may be your own but you still need to prove your point to the audience so this means that you need evidence.

A statement of fact is power. An opinion is just considered to be a vague statement.

Backing up your opinion with facts makes for good reasoning.

Tip #8: The Tone

Yes, you will technically argue for your opinion in this essay and yes it can, at times, become a little bit informal. All of this is true.

But you still gotta watch your tone.

Be aware of this! You cannot go on a passionate rant or use sarcastic phrases. Your tone must always be formal and, above all, respectful.

Make sure that you remember that.

Tip #9: No Contradictions

It may be that your opinion may contradict itself. Or that you agree with both sides of the argument. Or that you think both sides have valid points.

Whatever your opinion may be, you will have to state it very clearly.

One statement of yours cannot, under any circumstance, contradict the other.

This will just weaken your essay.

The best thing that you can do in this case is to state a clean and straightforward opinion.

Tip #10: Sequencing

Do not write your essay in such a way that it becomes hard to follow. It is always a good idea to write your arguments in a sequence so that the reader can understand what you want to tell them.

Being passionate about something does not mean that you should lose your head.

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