Top 100 Analytical Essay Topic Ideas for college students

Finding a topic for a college essay is like looking for a needle from a haystack. Specifically, if you are required to find a topic for an analytical essay then you need to be extra cautious. Since in this college essay type you are required to analyze a piece of writing or a topic and then present an argument about what specific thing you’ll be analyzing by using supporting material taken from authentic sources.

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However, if you have time then you can skim through the list of analytical essay topics below that I have shortlisted for you so that an essay writer can pick the one that interests him the most.

  1. How to stop gambling addiction?
  2. How to stop animal hunting?
  3. Drug addiction: a disease or a choice
  4. Analyzing the horrors of the holocaust through the Germans' perspective.
  5. Analyzing the horrors of the holocaust.
  6. How the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated domestic violence?
  7. Analysis of internet usage in the workplace.
  8. What are the reasons for students taking drugs?
  9. Do herbs cure obesity?
  10. Analyze the role of mothers in childcare.
  11. Examine the element of whether parrots could truly speak or not
  12. An analysis of the Maslow Hierarchy theory of needs.
  13. Analyze the nutritional plan for diabetic patients
  14. Is mental illness a real form of illness?
  15. Why is morning walk effective to stay youthful?
  16. Analyze the impact of wearing face masks and hands sanitizing during a pandemic
  17. How does global poverty impact the economy?
  18. How economic recession impacted the world?
  19. What are the challenges that arise due to globalization?
  20. Why do people lie?
  21. Are gangs real?
  22. Capital punishments: pros and cons
  23. What are the causes of elevated rates of teen suicides?
  24. Is optimism better than pessimism?
  25. Why do people feel angry?
  26. Why do people see nightmares?
  27. What is the notion behind dreams?
  28. Why do people have phobias?
  29. How to combat phobias?
  30. Can medications be used to treat addiction?
  31. Is behavioral therapy effective to treat criminals?
  32. What is the mechanism behind yawning?
  33. What is the reason behind sneezing?
  34. Why do TV advertisements impose common opinions?
  35. How to help in keeping the environment clean?
  36. How to combat the environmental population?
  37. How to control marine pollution?
  38. Why do people don’t like criticism?
  39. Why does PR exist?
  40. Do aliens exist?
  41. Can living on Mars be possible?
  42. How family stability impacts children?
  43. Impact of body size on the quality of life?
  44. Is doping a serious matter in sports?
  45. Why are graffiti and other street art so popular?
  46. Impact of multiculturalism on people’s identity?
  47. What is an identity and how can you define it?
  48. Analyze different methods of sampling used in research.
  49. Analysis of toxicity of mobile devices in education
  50. Analyze the role of tracking devices
  51. How does teamwork foster better productivity?
  52. How parents' separation impacts children’s mental health?
  53. Analyzing George Orwell’s Animal Farm
  54. What are the real causes of homelessness?
  55. Is poverty the only cause of homelessness?
  56. Analyzing the risk of nuclear and radiological terrorism.
  57. Do animals mourn?
  58. Analyze the factors behind the French revolution
  59. What are the factors that lead to the trade war between China and America?
  60. How global warming is endangering life on earth?
  61. How the burning of fossil fuels causes pollution?
  62. What are the reasons for global climate change?
  63. Analysis of a plastic-free movement
  64. How can we avoid inequality?
  65. How to combat the issue of racial discrimination?
  66. Bullying in schools
  67. Imperativeness of sex education
  68. Pros and cons of video games
  69. Influence of music on an individual’s mental health
  70. What are the factors that lead to criminal behavior?
  71. What is the role of PR?
  72. Is religion the real cause of conflicts?
  73. Does religion foster extremism?
  74. Impact of Mexican culture on American cuisine
  75. Impact of horror movies on kids’ mental health
  76. Do movie reviews worth reading?
  77. Racial inequality: an issue that can be avoided
  78. What elements make a successful horror film?
  79. What elements make a good Christmas film?
  80. Historical movies should be made a part of the educational process
  81. What are the benefits of movies over books?
  82. What makes people unique from each other?
  83. Importance of arts in education
  84. Analyze the character of Ophelia in the play hamlet
  85. Analyze a movie that is based on true events
  86. Analyze the bravery of Beowulf
  87. Should children be allowed to watch reality TV shows?
  88. Animal testing and moral obligations
  89. Does art therapy work?
  90. Causes of cyberbullying
  91. How to combat cyberbullying?
  92. How to reduce crime rates?
  93. How to reduce domestic violence rates?
  94. How to combat drug addiction issues among teens?
  95. Impact of mass media on teens
  96. Reasons behind personality disorders
  97. Why are certain microbes harmful while a few are helpful?
  98. Analyze the themes in the play “Pride and Prejudice”
  99. Analyze the play Hamlet
  100. Analyze the play, King Lear

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If you have picked a topic, then I suggest you start gathering data and create an outline first so that you can kick start your writing process.

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