Top 50 Reflective Essay Examples

Most of you would assume that writing a reflective essay is rather easy! Am I right? You thought that this will only take a while or “how tough can it be”?

But if you are here right now then that means that you have come to a solid realization. Things are not as easy as they seem to be.

I know that this realization must be frustrating. Right now, you are thinking that “someone please do my college essay for me”. But that is only because you don’t know what to write in a reflective essay.

Once you figure that out, life will be good.

Let us begin by picking a topic for the essay. I can give you 50 different choices.


  1. When I lost my temper with my family.
  2. When my friends disappointed me.
  3. My professor said he was proud of me.
  4. I realized I was in love.
  5. I met my grandmother for the first time.
  6. My family adopted a brother for me.
  7. My most embarrassing moment yet.
  8. My parents’ toughest challenge to date.
  9. Why do we want what others have?
  10. Unfair punishments by parents.
  11. The lies I have told my friends.
  12. Confronting my professor.
  13. My greatest sorrow.
  14. Childhood friends are a gem worth remembering.
  15. The differences between a brother and a sister.
  16. How helping someone in need satisfied me.
  17. The best family reunion of my life.
  18. My favorite summer vacation spot.
  19. The best moments with my friends.
  20. The person that scared me the most.
  21. Impromptu parties and how they don’t go as planned.
  22. Living without parental supervision.
  23. The best gift I ever received.
  24. Admiring a sunrise or a sunset
  25. How birds take flight.
  26. My childhood room.
  27. My most memorable outdoor experience.
  28. My hometown.
  29. My first visit to a museum.
  30. My surprise birthday party.
  31. How I renovated my room.
  32. The time I was stuck in a blizzard.
  33. The best concert of my life.
  34. Taking care of my sick grandfather.
  35. Moving out of my hometown.
  36. Changing schools frequently.
  37. My first job was a disaster.
  38. That time when I was lost in the woods.
  39. Stuck in a blackout.
  40. A very special date.
  41. Trying out new food.
  42. The nightmare that I could never forget.
  43. When I broke my laptop.
  44. The time I witnessed a robbery at gunpoint.
  45. The first time I stood up for myself.
  46. My first vote casting.
  47. Skipping school for fun.
  48. My first heartbreak.
  49. The one conversation that still makes me angry.
  50. Walking in the rain.

Now that you know which topic to write on, there are some things that you should consider.

Points to Consider!

Simply picking the topic is not enough! An essay writer will need to consider a lot of questions while writing a reflection paper.

Lucky for you, I have compiled a list of questions that should help you write a brilliant essay.

Let’s have a look.

Question #1: Is it Emotional?

Emotions are rather important in a reflection paper. They make you connect with your audience in a more intimate manner.

Your essay will be a success if it is emotional.

So, make sure that whatever you reflect on makes your reader just a little bit emotional. The least that you should do is make them empathize with you.

Question #2: What is the Point of this Reflection?

Your reflection should always end with a conclusion that is meaningful. There should always be a lesson behind the tale or it becomes pointless.

Here you will be talking about an experience from your life so think of what it taught you.

Did you learn anything? Did it help you? Change you? Made you a better person?

Question #3: How Does this Experience Help?

You need to think of this before you start writing. Whatever experience that you share must have had an impact on you. What was this impact?

How is this helpful to you? Why exactly is it so impactful?

You will have to explain the importance of your experience so think about that beforehand.

Question #4: Is This a Turning Point for Me?

This is one of the most important questions that you will be asking yourself. Why? Because it will impact your writing.

If this experience that you are talking about was a turning point for you then you will adopt a more serious tone in your essay.

But if you are simply talking about watching a sunset then you can adopt a less serious tone.

Question #5: What Could I Have Done Differently?

By the end of the essay, you will be thinking about this question. Was there anything that you could have done differently?

What would your life have been like if only you had taken a different path? Do you have any regrets?

These are crucial questions that you need to consider no matter which topic you choose.

Last but Not Least!

I know this can be a bit overwhelming all at once. Which is why you should consider contacting an essay writing service for your own benefit. What harm is there in trying out something new?

While you come to terms with writing in a new style, your essay can be written for you. Then you can simply learn from the professionals.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? So, go give it a try!

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