Top analytical essay topics and a smart guide for choosing the right one

It is a very creative activity to write an essay, some students find it interesting to write while for others it can be a tricky task. You may have witnessed different stages from a simple story writing to an argumentative essay writing in high school. Yes, you indeed need a different set of rules to write every assignment. You may find it easier to attempt a quiz than writing an essay. In a quiz, you just need to reproduce your knowledge in the form of multiple-choice questions while essay writing is a whole lot of other subject matter to handle.

The modern academic field is very vast where sometimes a subject offers degrees to doctorate. For example, you cannot do your doctorate in physics rather you have to choose a specific field like quantum mechanics or quantum entanglement. In the same way, academicians have divided essays into different categories with each requiring a unique set of rules to follow. An analytical essay is just one type among many which conduct a thorough analysis between two objects. Before you start writing a college essay make sure to go through different analytical essay topics to have a basic idea about an essay topic.

You can only write a good essay if your topic is catchy for the reader and interesting for you. A topic with less interest would mean that you are just completing an assignment without learning anything. You may get benefits in the short run but in the long run like in higher grades, it would not help you at all. That is why you need to choose a topic of interest. It would not only boost your confidence in writing a good essay, but you would also be able to catch the reader’s attention.

How to choose the right topic?

Choosing a topic can be as tough as writing a good essay. You may get good grades only if you choose a unique and relevant topic. An essay writer can select a topic depending on the following variables:

  • Your topic for an analytical essay should be relevant to your academic disciplines. Discuss with your professor, he would give you some suggestions. Do not choose a topic that has been covered by students thousands of times.
  • If you want to pick a famous topic then make sure to cover it with a unique perspective that no one had covered that before. For example, if you want to write about climate change, there are several books written about it. You just need to explore a new dimension for your essay.
  • A new dimension would mean that you would not be in a position to find relevant data. There are slight chances that you would find indirect data. You just need proper techniques to make it relevant.
  • For an analytical essay, your topic should be controversial only then you would be able to find some debated arguments. Make sure to discuss your topic from every angle only then you can write a good essay; otherwise you might lose the basic gist of the essay.
  • Make sure to follow your university's guidelines because some do not allow you to write outside your academic domain. Some universities specialize only in a specific field like medical, engineering, marketing, communication, and information technology. If you want to write on a topic outside your academic discipline then make sure to make it relevant.
  • A good analytical essay analyzes a topic from two different perspectives. If your topic is descriptive or narrative then you would not be able to come up with unique arguments. You may get tired after two or three arguments thus writing a weak essay. Make sure your essay or thesis statement gives a specific argument.
  • You can also choose a topic about prevailing issues i.e. till the coming few years the COVID-19 would remain a hot topic for students of literature and medical sciences. The literature students would try to cover every literary aspect in the form of speeches. The scientist may try to come up with a potential cure or vaccine; both aspects are important to cover.
  • During the initial few studies, you would not be able to find relevant data. If you think a topic would involve some conspiracy theories then you should avoid picking it. You would not be able to justify your position unless you are writing a dissertation.

Potential topics of analytical essay

Topics about history

  • Critically analyze the factors of the French Revolution
  • How the French Revolution was responsible for triggering the revolutions across the Atlantic Ocean?
  • The effects of castes on modern India/The ancient Hindu caste system has brought nothing good for Indians
  • Who was responsible for creating slavery in Colonial America?
  • How global pandemic COVID-19 is relevant to the black plague of the 13th century?

Topics about animals

  • The animal testing for cosmetics is below humanity and it should be banned
  • Some animals have better sense than human, they must be treated well if not equal to humans
  • Some animals train their offspring while others do not care
  • Microbes and their harmful effects on the human organism
  • Emotional Support Animals work as therapeutic for adults

Topics about crime

  • The hibernate presence of gangs in modern society
  • Gangs usually affect people negatively by recruiting new people in a sober neighborhood.
  • Justice system should impose harsh punishments for white-collar criminals
  • Why are less educated people prone to indulge in criminal activities?

Topics about police

  • The rising cases of police brutality in America is a cause of concern
  • Police brutality an individualistic or systemic phenomenon
  • Why should the police wear body cameras?
  • From the last three decades, the militarization of police have made it radical
  • Why do police react differently to the same crimes in different states?

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