Top Personal Statement Examples for Students to Get Started

A personal statement is a summary of a prospective employer. It helps you to distinguish yourself from other people applying for the same job. It has two main purposes first to get admission to college or university and second to attach it with your resume for a vacancy. It is a very important part of your resume as you can sell yourself to the highest bidder. The job market is very competitive and so is taking admission to Princeton. There may be ten applications for one seat in both cases. The other candidates may be well educated from you with relevant experience.

The only distinction you can have is a compelling personal statement. Writing a good statement does require expertise and command on the English Language. It can be tough for students to write a good statement who do not know English or if it is their second language. A poorly written statement can create many problems mostly for the candidates. Before you start writing your statement just go through some personal statement examples for your guidance and inspiration.

An essay writer can write a very good statement if he knows the structure and elements to include in it. The ideal word limit for a statement is 150 words. The word space and limit are very valuable where you have to be precise and eloquent. If you are still confused then read the difference between the cover letter and a personal statement. Both are entirely different so do not make any mistake. If your statement answers, questions like 'who are you,' 'what can you offer,' and 'what are your career goals?'

It would mean that your statement is up to mark and it may get you a job or an admission in college. You can write your statement in any tense and person but make sure it is consistent from top to bottom. It means you should avoid writing like, 'I am a recent medical graduate. With excellent organizational and analytical skills. I am a self-motivated person and give 100% in everything. I have a proven track record of success.'

You can observe that this statement lacks coherence and eloquence. Remember that each job requires a unique set of experience, skills, and level of focus. All these points will change from application to application. Try to write a different statement every time as a generic one would not get you anywhere. In the same way, sending five tailored and well-written resumes would matter more than sending out fifty generic ones.

Personal statement examples

I am writing down two different examples of a personal statement or college essay. You can have a basic idea about how to write a good statement. The format would remain the same but the content may change depending upon your academic discipline.

Example one: Statement for a job

Recent marketing masters graduate with a 3.1 CGPA from the University of Illinois, looking to secure a position of Commercial Analyst. After securing this position I would be able to utilize my knowledge and analytical skills. I believe the Diamond Securities would help me to enhance my skills and abilities in a stock exchange.

In the long run, I would be able to secure my career goals which are to take responsibility for a smaller organization. The joining of this company is very pivotal for me. In the future, I may become able to start my own company.

  • You can observe that it is a very brief statement. Interestingly, it has summarized your academic career and future goals in a few lines. It is a maximum of two minutes read, a reader can have a basic idea about your potential. Remember that a college committee receives hundreds of such statements so try to make it brief and to the point.

Example two: Statement for a job

A retail manager with twelve years of experience in the New York stock exchange. My main job was to buy shares in bulk and sell them to clients in small quantities. I used to make a profit with the ratio of my daily sales and most of the time it was 10% of sales.

As a manager in one of the firms, I have a proven record of success with a hundred percent satisfaction rate for both employer and clients. I left no stone unturned to sell every share on a daily basis and ensured maximum profit for my firm.

My employers were more than happy with my performance because the performance of our firm was at optimum. My firm was the only one which has a record of selling the maximum number of shares to the UK outlets.

Unfortunately, our firm could not sustain too many profits and we got a federal government inquiry. The lower management has nothing to do with the division of profits; it was only the higher management responsible. Within a month our firm was closed by the government, and I was out of a job.

After the company closure, I am looking for a job, I have received some offers but I did not find them suitable to choose. I am just waiting for the right opportunity to start my new job in a reputable securities firm.

  • In this example, you can observe that it is more detailed. The person has not discussed his academic achievement, rather his main focus was professional life. If you want to write a statement right after leaving college or university then you should write the first one. The second example is for people who have prior experience in the job market.

If you need more examples, get professional help from an essay writing service. The professional writers will provide you with the best examples to get a better understanding.

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