Top Websites to Check my Essays' Plagiarism – Guide

Students come across many problems when they make any assignment with the help of online sources. Essay writing is no different from this rule. One of the major problems faced by the students while writing an essay is originality. When a person is getting help from several websites, it is obvious that some content will be very similar to what is available on the websites. There will be serious consequences for the students if the work contains a high percentage of copied content. In the following lines, we will provide a list of websites where students can check the plagiarism of their work. We will also discuss the pros and cons of these websites in general.


The common feature of all the above websites is that they are all free. You will have to copy and paste your material into these and check the originality. This feature may excite a large number of students but the free service is available for one- or two-time’s usage.

Another advantage of all these websites is the speed at which they process the document, you can complete the document and then get the results immediately. This will allow you to get the originality stats for your document very quickly.

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An important consideration related to all such websites is their reliability. The results from a website must remain constant over time. This is also important because the teacher and the essay writer may use the same website or platform to check the originality. You can also consult some of your friends to test this aspect of these websites.

Inclusion and exclusion of parts

The inclusion and exclusion of the references and quotes is another important consideration while choosing the website for plagiarism check. If the originality index is high without references and the table of contents, it will be much higher once all these elements are added. You should use those websites that allow you to check plagiarism both with and without references so that the actual originality index can be judged. The best essay writing service may provide you with a plagiarism report without references and a title page.

Number of Words

There is a certain limit of words that can be entered on these sites at a given point in time. This limit varies across the websites and you should know the number of words that can be entered on these websites. It can also happen that the first 1000 words will be checked for free and any additional words may have to be paid for. This aspect is important for longer documents like dissertations and thesis. In the case of longer documents, it is recommended that their plagiarism is checked in parts on different websites.

The reviews on different social media platforms can also help the students in deciding on which website should be used. The important thing is that these reviews should be realistic and independent. A professional essay writer service can help you do that.

The most appropriate choice

If the students or researchers are willing to spend some money, they can have some other options to check the plagiarism of their documents. The last website mentioned in the above list is the most famous among researchers. There are many reasons for high usage. It is affordable for most of the students and researchers. Almost all the universities around the globe use the various versions of this software. This saves time for the students, researchers, and the people supervising them in their work. It is enough for the students to check the plagiarism and submit the work.

The annual fee charged by the website provides an incentive for the owners to continue their services. The software allows the person to check the originality with and without references and title page. This allows the person to know the accurate similarity index in terms of the percentage. Another major benefit of this website is that a report is immediately generated by the software. This report is in a secure format that cannot be easily edited. All the problem areas are pointed out by the report so that the person can rectify the issues by looking at them. The sources are also mentioned in the report so that the person knows why the similarity index is a bit higher. To increase the accuracy, there are options available in the software to group three or five words as per requirement. If you choose three words, the software will mark the originality If you have three continuous words similar to a source. Choosing five words will check if a group of five words is similar to any source.

This platform has a big drawback from the viewpoint of students. If the supervisor or instructor saves the document in the relevant database, then there will be high plagiarism in a document that uses it as a base. An example can be given for a student who has submitted an assignment and it has been saved in the database. If any other class fellows use this assignment and make their assignments, the software will probably give a very high similarity index for them. Thus, it is advised for the students to ask their seniors whether a particular supervisor saves the documents in the database or not.

To summarize, you can use various options to check plagiarism of your assignments but for the longer versions like dissertation or thesis, you should pay some money to an essay writing service and use the most authentic source of plagiarism check.

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