66+ Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics for College Students

Have you ever wondered why after reading a certain patriotic piece of writing there is a sudden spark of patriotism in yourself? Have you ever come across a speech where the speaker word hit your emotions and you start to connect with the speaker’s story? If yes, then you aren’t alone. There are many pieces of writings and speeches where authors and speakers use various persuasive and rhetorical devices to connect with the readers and audience to prove their claims or share their perspectives. Some students also buy essay online to complete this task.

Words are very powerful when used correctly and therefore never underestimate the power of words. In the academic arena, it is noteworthy to mention that professors are aware of the importance of rhetorical devices. Therefore, they often assign a task to the students in which they are required to analyze a piece of writing or a speech and determine how the author or speaker makes their arguments whether or not they are successful in delivering their message or not.

I know this task sounds a bit intimidating and I agree with you that writing a rhetorical analysis essay is challenging but believe me practice makes an individual perfect. Therefore, with a lot of practice, the cheapest essay writing service can nail the art of writing a rhetorical analysis.

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When you are required to write a rhetorical analysis you must be familiar with the rhetorical devices and various persuasion techniques. However, the most important thing that can make it or break it for you is your essay topic. yes, you heard me right. You’ll find plenty of rhetorical analysis essay topics but choosing the right one is tough. The reason is that you have to break the text or a speech into parts and then analyze every part. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a topic that is as per your interest and is easy to comprehend.

Do you need some help with the topic selection of your essay writing online? If yes, then dive into the pool of easy and interesting topics and pick that the one that you believe is easy to comprehend.

  1. Rhetorical analysis of “Jurassic Park”.
  2. Analyze the Pearl Harbor address
  3. Analyze the Grammy award speech of your favorite singer
  4. Analyze the speech of Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar-winning speech
  5. Select any TED talk and analyze the rhetorical devices used in it.
  6. Rhetorical analysis of “Man of Steel”.
  7. The symbolism used in “Man of Steel”.
  8. Rhetorical analysis of Macbeth.
  9. Rhetorical analysis of Hamlet
  10. Analysis of the Hamlet’s soliloquy
  11. Analysis of the soliloquy in Macbeth
  12. Symbolism in the play a streetcar named desire
  13. Symbolism in the corpse bride
  14. Rhetorical analysis of the corpse bride
  15. Rhetorical analysis of a streetcar named desire
  16. Heroism in the literature
  17. Analyze the book intimations by Zadie Smith
  18. Harry Potter vs. The Hunger Games
  19. Thematic analysis of Barn Burning by William Faulkner
  20. Analyze the portrayal of women in modern literature
  21. Jane Austen and Feminism
  22. Symbolism in the book Find Me
  23. The portrayal of women in the book Three women
  24. Analyze the pop culture and its impact on youth
  25. Mona Lisa’s smile and it's meaning
  26. Analysis of Romeo and Juliet.
  27. Analyze the writing style of Michael Punke.
  28. “Pride and Prejudice” written by Jane Austen.
  29. The portrayal of women in the play Hamlet
  30. How the author portrays madness in the play Hamlet?
  31. How the author describes madness in the play, Macbeth?
  32. Importance of fate in modern literature
  33. Jennifer Aniston award-winning speech
  34. Analysis of fundamental rhetorical elements used in “Troy.”
  35. Settings used in the play King Lear
  36. Themes in the play Pride and prejudice
  37. Rhetorical devices used in Inferno by Dante
  38. Rhetorical devices used in the book Inland
  39. The imagery used in Shakespeare’s sonnets
  40. Settings used in the book Inland
  41. Themes in the book Reclaim your hearts
  42. Rhetorical analysis of the play "A yellow wallpaper"
  43. Themes used in the play "A yellow wallpaper"
  44. Symbolism in “The Things They Carried”
  45. Analyze Taylor swift Grammy award speech
  46. Analyze the performance of Harry styles in teen’s choice awards
  47. How do different authors depict loyalty in their writings?
  48. The notion of a tragic hero
  49. How does Shakespeare define a tragic hero?
  50. Analysis of the Beowulf
  51. Bravery of Beowulf
  52. The notion of tragedy in modern literature: an analysis
  53. How uniquely authors explain heroism?
  54. The significance of feminism in modern literature
  55. Rhetorical devices used in Obama’s farewell speech
  56. Analyze Obama’s and Trump speeches during election
  57. Analysis of “The Ethics of Belief” by Clifford.
  58. Analyze the final speech of Nelson Mandela
  59. Rhetoric examination of the works of Jane Austen
  60. The tale of honor by Cain
  61. Rhetorical analysis of any horror film
  62. Rhetorical analysis of any comic book
  63. Rhetorical analysis of comic film
  64. Analysis of the film Spiderman
  65. Analysis of the character joker in the film The dark knight rises
  66. Analysis of Batman’s character in the film The dark knight rises
  67. The influence of extroverts by Michael Dave
  68. Analysis of the character Captain America
  69. Analysis of the character Cat woman.

Have you found the desired topic? if yes then I suggest you start working as you must complete your essay within the given deadline. However, if you are struggling to nail the art of rhetoric analysis essay then hiring a ‘write my paper for me’ service is your only hope to secure your grades by submitting your essay on time.

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