68 Trending Annotated Bibliography Topics to Enhance Your Research Work

Whenever I used to get an annotated bibliography to write, I would scream internally. As a student, I used to be very impatient and it was this impatience that cost me a lot of my grades.

An essay writer may think “how?”

Well, you see, my impatience meant that I would quickly get frustrated with things that I considered boring.

Like an annotated bibliography.

But the one thing that even I can’t dispute is how much writing these bibliographies helped me.

I learned a great many things as a creator of annotated bibliographies. One of them was what type of topic should I choose for my bibliography.

And I am about to impart that knowledge to you. Here is a list of 68 annotated bibliography topics that relate to the most major fields. These are the hot topics of the month so your professor should be impressed by them or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Have a look.

  1. Reactions of bullying.
  2. How does the loss of a loved one affect the psyche?
  3. The various aspects of Neo-Freudianism.
  4. How does the age gap between a child and their parents affect their relationship?
  5. Depression among animal aid workers.
  6. Nurses dealing with disabled people.
  7. The best atmosphere for patients of cancer.
  8. Effects of caring for the elderly on nurses.
  9. Nurses are psychologists too.
  10. Caring for a pregnant woman.
  11. Modern vs. traditional ways of methods of learning.
  12. The significance of the role of a teacher in a student’s life.
  13. Developing educational skills for autistic children.
  14. The advantages of homeschooling.
  15. Education in the 21st century.
  16. Has education become a business of profit-making?
  17. A four-day working week.
  18. Why students should be able to choose subjects at school.
  19. The harms of homework.
  20. Personality over beauty.
  21. The importance of reading.
  22. How reading can be beneficial to modern teens.
  23. The harms of big philanthropy.
  24. Billionaires will never save us.
  25. Saving the environment.
  26. The financial crisis of 2008.
  27. The impact of globalization.
  28. What factors have an effect on globalization?
  29. The uselessness of weather forecasts.
  30. Marketing and the Moneyball generation.
  31. The fight against drug abuse.
  32. How drugs affect mental health.
  33. Education should be considered a career in itself.
  34. The role of education as viewed in a global setting.
  35. Practical solutions for the prevention of pollution.
  36. The current administration’s business plan for healthcare and nursing.
  37. Change is politics due to modernization.
  38. The effects of terrorism in the East.
  39. US policy in the aftermath of 9/11.
  40. American political parties are becoming weak while the candidates are becoming stronger.
  41. The effects of religion on the political space of the USA.
  42. American foreign policy and its effect on the decisions of neighboring countries.
  43. The politics of the US affect businesses worldwide.
  44. Huawei and its effects on European consumers.
  45. Balancing power in America’s politics.
  46. Questioning the democracy of American society.
  47. The two-party system and its harms.
  48. The development of social media and its effect on American politics.
  49. Human behavior is linked to biological processes.
  50. Can alcoholism be cured through therapy and counseling?.
  51. How effective is psychotherapy?
  52. Applications of positive psychology.
  53. Behavioral prediction for social and personality psychology.
  54. Usage of statistical methods in psychology.
  55. Street crime versus white-collar crime.
  56. Juveniles and their treatment in the criminal justice system.
  57. School to prison pipeline.
  58. Is the death penalty truly effective?
  59. The biological determinants in the behavior of criminals.
  60. The role of social factors in the promotion of crime.
  61. Animal abuse.
  62. The responsibility of rich nations towards the poor nations.
  63. Colonizing must pay the colonized nations for the damage they caused.
  64. Surrogate motherhood.
  65. Marriages in adolescents.
  66. The rehabilitation of criminals.
  67. Ethics in business.
  68. The implications of drunk driving.


Point #1…

Most of the topics in the list relate to the subjects of education, health care, social problems, psychology, and American politics.

This is because these subjects are the most widely discussed ones.

I have chosen topics that will not just impress your professor but will also be fun to research.

Point #2…

On the topic of research, many of these topics are ones on which you will be able to find lots of sources.

This is great for you as this will allow you to pick the best sources instead of just using the ones you can find.

Point #3…

Having a lot of sources also means that you will have a lot of information. This will give you the chance to organize this information in a meaningful manner.

You can pick which information is important for your paper and drop the rest.

Point #4…

Lastly, having loads of sources means that you will come across many counterarguments.

So, in this way, you will be able to decide which side to pick. You will be able to make the best decision with the knowledge that you have.

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