Trending Prompts for College Application Essays - 2021

The college application essay is an important stage of our life. Different colleges and universities asked students to provide a sample essay to have an idea about the student’s writing. There are different essay prompts that you can use in order to get your application ranked amongst the top applications. Students do not follow the trend and often write an ordinary kind of admission essay that results in declining their chance of getting admission. So, if you are asked to write an admission essay, you should write about a catchy aspect that is not followed mostly. If you are about to start writing an application essay, the following trending prompts will help you write a different essay or you can ask others to write my essay.

Share any story

This experience can be amazing as most of the time, the word limit does not allow you to write anything extra. In an application essay, sharing a story is not how you will narrate this in a typical manner, rather you will write a story by relating that with your life. Sharing a story in an application appears a dumb idea, but many applicants make use of such tactics to get the attention of the application committee. If you plan to write a story in the application, try to compose it in a realistic manner and do not indulge more in relating the practical aspects of your life with that story.

Talk about academic achievements

Writing about academic achievement can be your topic as well. Though this is a more traditional way of writing the application essay, you can write about academic achievement by following a different format. Unlike other students, you do not need to create a separate heading for mentioning your academic achievement rather talk about them in an informal and descriptive manner. You can find such college application essay prompts on the web, but do not just simply re-write them rather alter them to a considerable extent and include your own academic achievements.

Present a different narrative

Presenting a different narrative is another way that can get you into the college. A different narrative can be about why you have chosen this academic program or what you think about the college you are applying to. A different narrative is actually presenting a common thing in an unconventional manner. For example, you may talk about any previous result in a critical manner or you may critique over any subject or course program. A different narrative always gets the attention of the admission committee and they must call such students for an interview. Just make sure that you are criticizing the right thing and for the right reason.

Talk about your idea of personal growth

The admission committee is always interested in getting to know what an essay writer has achieved in your life. Though personal growth in academic life is not much extra extraordinary, you can mention that. Your personal growth can have an attractive aspect in that and you may even enjoy writing that. In doing this you will notice that you will remember many different aspects of your life and you will witness how really you have improved in your life. If you have got an essence of this while writing the personal growth part, rest assured that the admission committee will be reading this in a similar interesting manner.

Challenge a widely believed concept

In writing your admission essay application, you can also challenge a widely believed concept. Like it is not about targeting religion or any societal belief rather focus on what academic thing you see differently. If you have decided to follow this approach for writing the essay, first of all, analyze the academic trends you have been observing throughout the times. Challenge that and critique it on a real basis, like why a certain university had not been able to enroll more students or why the research is not complying with the new innovations being developed in the world. Challenge this belief and you can even start your application by directly adopting a critical approach.

Select any topic of your choice

Sometimes students get confused about choosing any topic. There are wide topics available on the web and you can find thousands of topics to write about. Sometimes a college application committee leaves this up to the students to choose a topic and this can be a tricky part for students. If you are in such a position choose a very simple and non- tricky topic. This will help you write about that topic in an easy manner and you can easily avoid repetition and grammatical manner. But keep this thing in mind that if you have chosen a topic yourself, do proofread your content and you should have zero tolerance for such mistakes. You can hire an essay writing service to select a topic for you.

Share your experience of learning something

Finally, in writing your college application essay you can also share your experience of learning something. You may start by sharing your learning experience about the new concepts you have witnessed in society. You can talk about your learning experience of a new language, about how you learn playing cricket or driving.

If you have chosen from one of the above prompts, you are on the right path and you have the chance of getting an interview call from the college. Some of the last things you need to perform are editing, proofreading, and revision of your application essay and then you are ready to forward this to your admission committee. You can also ask a paper writing service to proofread your essay for you.

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