Tricks to Add Bold and Strong Arguments to your Debate - Guide

Students think that writing a debate is as simple as arguing in real-life everyday conversations. For that reason, they tend to write debate essays in a similar fashion. However, they are not able to build strong arguments in order to convince the audience. If you are assigned a debate essay to write, then it is essential that you understand the basics of writing a boring and strong argument in your debate essay. Learning the basics and mastering the skills may take a while. Meanwhile, the deadline for your essay would pass. So instead of going through all the basics and learning them in-depth, here are some tricks you can follow instead or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

1. Understand the situation

When you are to start building your argument; you have to analyze every aspect of the topic and understand it completely. At this point, some students are confused about whether they have understood that operation completely or if they should continue to look for different aspects of the debate writing. One easy way to judge that is to ask yourself a few questions. First of all, ponder upon your own role in the debate and then reflect on what message you have to convey. Also, think about the receiver of the message i.e. Your audience. You will use a different writing tool like ethos, pathos, logos, sarcasm, or comedy likewise. Think about the medium you are you and the context as well.

2. Do your research

After you have understood the theme and writing style of your essay you have to conduct extensive research to find an answer to your debate question. In order to convince others first, you have to be glad in your own position and that is possible only through proper research. This research is the backbone of your claim and you must gather every proof you can through research. Make sure that you consider issues and note them down. You must have enough research to contradict and reject your opponent’s key points. An easy trick here is that you should compose a chart of pros and cons and then research more on them.

3. Build a claim

There are three types of claims which can be developed by arguments. It can be an art reclaim which indicates that you believe that the topic is true or not. It can be a value claim which shows the worth of something you assign to it. Or it can be a policy claim in which you have a point of view that something should be done in the way or not. After your proper research, you have to start building a claim regarding the issue. The easiest formula for building an argument is to tie the subject to truth, value, or policy. For instance, if your subject is playing sports then you can combine it with the truth: a positive impact on the mind. In this way, your claim would become ‘playing sports refreshes one’s mind’. If you are still confused, consult an essay writing service now.

4. Gather evidence

Now that you have built one or more claims, it is time to get into retail and extract all the evidence you can from your research. Be sure to include different types of details as they offer different types of support for your claims. You can gather facts and statistics which will connect your claim to specific realities and past research. Also, be sure to include results and Reasons from the actual cases that demonstrate the causes and effects of the particular subject. For example, if you are subject to climate change, then you can take that as an example of the Amazon fire and demonstrate how climate change led to it.

5. Consider objections

This is a tricky part for many students when they are preparing their own debate. If you are writing an essay on preparing for the oral debate competition, you have to make sure that you know the key points of your opponent. You must conduct research to show the point of your opening is not valid. As an essay writer, you can only do this and you understand their point completely. Also, including the contradicting point of view and invalidating it, true research will show your audience that you are open-minded to different ideas and have done enough research. This will add to the credibility of your debate and help you get the best score.

6. Design your argument

The most important task here is now to design your argument. Use all the writing techniques you know and build your argument. It is always better to start with something that your audience can easily relate to and then work up to the main point.

7. Validate your key point

After you have designed your argument you are required to validate your key point. You have to ensure that your point weighs more than the opponent’s point. Consider the assumptions you have made, they must have enough validating research evidence with them. It is necessary that you question your reasoning before facing your opponent.

Remember that it is very important that you organize your parts before you defend them from your opponents. You can follow the above-mentioned points easily in order to include bold and strong arguments in your debate essay. By now you must know that arguments originate from the position which is supported by convincing evidence. After you have composed your debate, make sure you proofread it to remove any grammatical or punctuation errors. Even with a very strong argument, if you make mistakes, the whole impression of the essay will be ruined. In case you need help, hire a write my paper service now.

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