Try These Simple Hacks to Eliminate Redundancy while writing an essay - Guide

When writing a college essay, grammatical and punctuation mistakes are not the only errors that students make. Many times, there are other mistakes like redundancies in the essays. You should make sure to avoid such mistakes in your essays in order to make it concise. With more redundancy, it becomes difficult to understand or boring. This is the reason you should be conscious of every word you put down in an essay.

In addition to this, your word count limit is also affected by it as you are not able to include much information. Instead, you should stick to a particular Idea and avoid the use of unnecessary words. It is easier to understand that you should avoid redundancy but students get confused about how they can eliminate it when composing an essay. It is because sometimes it is not possible to remove the redundancies and sometimes students do not pay attention to it. Here are some simple hacks to eliminate redundancies from your essay.

Do not use double negatives

One of the basic concepts of writing an essay is to avoid the use of double negatives. Even though there are sometimes when you can use double negatives in order to show irony for the contrast of some ideas. But in every other case, you must avoid this use. It is because the use of double negatives is daily confusing for a reader. As a leader is not able to understand the use of double negative they tend to lose interest and stop reading. Also, when you avoid this mistake, sentences become much simpler as well as shorter. One of the common examples is the use of a negative form of verbs with the negative pronouns, conjunction, on adverbs.

Look out for pleonasm

When a phrase is repeated, it is known as a pleonasm. This is subtle many times in the writing and this is the reason the essay writer is unable to correct them. For instance, some students write 12 at midnight. Now in this example, as you see the word of midnight is not repeated literally but it is already clear that midnight will be at 12 o’clock at night. You are not required to state that twice. If you find following these hacks difficult, then simply ‘order an essay’ online. Another example of it can be ‘I heard the story myself with my ears.’ In this example, the fact that you heard was repeated two times. Instead of writing ‘myself’ and ‘with my ears’ simply write ‘I heard the story’.

Incorrect use Abbreviations

Students make many mistakes when using abbreviations. Firstly, you are required to use the abbreviations with full form only once in the beginning and then only the abbreviation. Students keep on repeating the full form with abbreviations which ends the purpose of using it in the first place. Another big mistake is that students do not understand the full form of the abbreviation and keep repeating words from it. Other common examples include the ‘ATM machine’, where the M stands for a machine already or ‘NATO organization’ in which O already stands for organization.

Appropriate use of intensifiers

Intensifiers are used to show the degree of emotion or impact or simply a quality. The most commonly used intensifier is ‘very’. Other intensifiers include completely, absolutely, highly, extremely, really, rather, totally, so, utterly, at all, etc. However, students use them in their sentences without wondering if they can improve word selection. For instance, instead of writing ‘extremely good’, you can write ‘great’.

Follow “less is more” rule

Remember that too many words ruin the impression of your essay on the readers. Using lengthy sentences makes it difficult for the reader to understand and bores them too. So, you should always shorten your sentences but do not sacrifice the information. If I were to write my essay, I would include a good amount of information written in a concise manner. In case, you are in need of word count, include more information in well-formed sentences instead of using filler words.

Consider the language origin

Another redundancy mistake is the use of a word twice but it is different from pleonasm as this is because of language origin. For instance, some students often make mistakes by writing the ‘50th year anniversary’. However, if you look closely, the anniversary is derived from ‘annum’ (Latin) and means year. This means that you do not have to write ‘year’ again.

Do not use unnecessary phrases

Including words into your essay may help you reach the word count but it will impact the quality of the paper significantly. And your grade as a result of it. Many times, students write phrases like ‘As far as I’m concerned’, ‘First and foremost’, ‘Due to the fact that’ and more. They might also do it believing it will sound professional. However, the redundant use of such phrases does no good. It is suggested to use them moderately and only when necessary.

Now as you look back at your writings, you might find these mistakes. You may not be able to remove all these errors after just practicing them once. Instead, you have to revise these hacks and make sure you follow them all. After you have composed your research paper, you go through it for these types of errors. Even if everything is perfect but your word choice is off, you better not be able to make a good impression on the readers. After you have practiced them several times, these will be on your fingertips.

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