Types of Narrative Techniques used in Narrative Essay Writing – Guide

When a teacher asks you to write an essay that reflects your personal experiences in an organized form, then narrative writing is best for you. It does not only allow you to tell your story comprehensively, but you can add extra details to make it more effective. It is like diving into the pool of imagination and picking out a particular event that perfectly describes your life experiences.

These essays are more personal, experimental, and a kind of anecdotal as well. While writing a narrative essay, you do not need to be informal, but you can use multiple techniques to make it more impressive. Just like poetry in which your emotions flow in a particular direction with unity and coherence. This essay helps you to decide on a particular flow that coherently depicts your life.

For this purpose, here are some types of narrative techniques that can help you a lot in constructing a good essay. But remember, there are multiple types of narrative techniques that differ in terms of style, narrative perspective, and plot.

Narrative Techniques for narrative perspective

For the narrative perspective, three multiple techniques can be used: first-person narrative, second-person narrative, and external narrative.

  • First Person Narrative

    In this technique, the essay writer uses his voice to describe the experience and events of his life. It gives a different approach to the essay because you will be able to make an emotional connection within the text with your point of view. In this technique, you mainly use a pronoun like “I and we” to make it involved in the essay.

  • External Narrative

    The external narrative and focus basically mean that you will be like an outsider in the essay. You will not act as the main character or as a first-person who describes a story, but you will be a total outsider who does not emotionally connect with the events. In this style, you will use pronouns like he, she, and they, etc.

  • Second Person Narration

    This is the unique narrative technique that is rarely used in narrative essays. The pronoun used is “you,” like the writer is talking to himself. This narrative technique is mostly prohibited from utilizing in many essays. But if it suits you, then you can go for it.

These narrative techniques for narrative perspective are somehow difficult to utilize. But, for help, you can always avail of the online essay writing service as they will guide you according to your required perspective. So, don’t worry; a little guidance can change the whole game.

The narrative technique for style

To bring innovations and style to your narrative essay, you can use figurative language. In this type of narrative technique, you can rely on the use of figurative languages such as metaphors, personifications, imagery, simile, alliteration, and symbolism. Most of the time, when I write my essay, I try to use this technique because it helps me a lot to fully convey my message. These elements are used to enhance the effectiveness of the narrative essay so that the readers can easily associate with you.

  • Imagery is the most commonly used but effective technique used in narrative essays. It refers to the use of a word that adds visual appeal to your essay. Many of you mostly worry about it, but the simple way is to use all your senses and then describe the event with extra detail. For example, “the night was gloomy as I could hear the wind hustling amid immense darkness”.
  • Personification
  • When you give human or animal-like characteristics to nonhuman objects, then it refers to personification. It helps you to depict a clear image in the reader’s mind. Such as ”I heard howling of the wind in the night”, in this example wind’s noise is referred to as the wolf’s howling.

  • Symbolism is mainly referring to the usage of words that present some idea beyond their literal meaning. For example, “Chain” can symbolize the connection between events or persons.

So, if you are worried about your narrative essay, these techniques can help you. You just need to plan your essay before writing to add these elements, and you are all set to go.

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