Understanding the difference between undergraduate and master's essays

Many undergraduates who have written seven types of essays during their undergraduate degree wonder if they will write a master’s essay in a similar way. For this reason, they are not able to format the essay properly as required by their instructors. It is important to know that there are many differences between writing an undergraduate and a master’s level essay. Let's take a look at the differences for a better understanding.

  1. A key difference between both these types of essays is that the masters level essay required to have a higher level of expertise. It is because the master level students have far more experience and they have already completed the undergraduate degree. They are also required to draw key points from their own work experience as well. For this reason, it is understood that a Masters’s level essay will have a much deeper analysis and detailed study of the topic.
  2. The undergraduate essay requires you to include the background information of the topic, including terms and theories getting to the analysis part. On the other hand, when you are writing a master’s essay you are not required to include the background information in detail. It is because the reader of that college essay will be more likely to be aware of all the frameworks and theories involved in the essay. The purpose of including background information is that the reader is able to understand the context of the essay. It is because sometimes they are not aware of specific terms and concepts. So, this shows that you do not have to include much background details in your master’s essay. But if you are writing an undergraduate essay, then make sure to include information that will help the Reader understand your essay even if they are unfamiliar with your field.
  3. The scope of research for both types of essays varies significantly. In graduate essays, the scope is broader but restricted. This means that your essay will have more genetic information and the topic is wide. However, it is restricted because you cannot go into much detail. When writing the undergraduate essay usually then chapter offers a list of reading which you can consult for your essay. On the other hand, when writing a master’s level essay, you can go search for new theories and even go beyond those that were included in the course.
  4. You must be aware that writing an undergraduate essay is much easier as compared to the master’s level essay. The main reason behind this difference is the level of conceptual thinking involved in both of them. As the undergraduate essay does not require its essay writer to go into deep analysis, the essay can include existing limitations and critiques of the topic. Because the undergraduate students have limited knowledge of the topic they are unable to explore the limitations and criticize in detail. At most, they are required to analyze a topic and understand the limitations. However, in the case of a master’s level essay, you are required to identify all the drawbacks, weaknesses, and knowledge gaps of the topic. In most of the cases, the writers are required to read between the lines when composing the essay.
  5. As the skills of master’s students are more developed as compared to undergraduate students, they are required to write essays with better structures. For this reason, it is expected that if a person reads a master level essay they would be able to understand the development and logic of arguments. They have to think about how different parts of the essay will progress into each other in a manner that they are linked, without repeating any information or creating any kind of confusion. It is necessary to build an outline in the undergraduate essays, but it becomes even more important for the master’s level essay. They use this outline to build the ideas around it.
  6. The undergraduate essays do not require very complex formatting styles, rather they are made simple with a smaller number of headings. On the other hand, when writing a master’s level essay, you are required to include a number of headings with various tables. Even though the styling is almost time for them both, the step in master’s level essay increases significantly.
  7. Another use difference between the two essays lies in the conclusions and implications of these. For undergraduate-level essays, you have to ask some specified questions and summarize the findings according to the best of your abilities. This means that you have to go through some sources and extract information from them. And then include it in your own words. However, it is different for the master’s level essay where the master student is required to conclude their academic contribution from the observations. They are required to include accurate practical implications at the end of the essay.
  8. The originality of the content is much focused on masters’ level essays as compared to the undergraduate essay. Instructors at the master's level are looking for the students to offer research on topics rather than just describing the already existing literature.
  9. As stated above, the masters level essay is required to be more original which is by the type of sources used in it must be credible at this level. An undergraduate essay can include information from various sources. Even though they should also be authentic, there is still some relaxation for undergraduate students.

Hopefully, these points have cleared the differences between these two types of essays. Keep them in mind when writing any of these essays.

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