Underwhelming college application essays: 12 mistakes you need to avoid

Afraid of getting your college application rejected? Writing a college application can be overwhelming as it is a crucial essay on which your fate depends. There are many mistakes which students commonly make. They reflect poor writing skills and level of focus. A college application is designed in such a way that a student showcases their writing skills, extracurricular skills, hobbies, personality, and developmental changes in their skills level. A small mistake can reflect poorly and be the reason for the rejection of your application. Here are 12 common mistakes students make which should be avoided. Read them and make sure an essay writer does not make similar mistakes.

1. Not managing time properly

Time management for an impressive college application is the key. If you have to compose more than one college application then start working on the one which has the shortest deadline or for the college you are excited about. Another key thing is not to wait to write until the last minute. Many students who are not good at time management, leave this task for the last hour. But when the last hour approaches, there is a pile of applications you have to compose. At that time, you will be drained of all the energy. With a tired mind, you will not be able to compose an impressive college application. Poor time management will be speculated in your college essay. For this reason, you must decide and manage your time wisely. Keep enough time for research, composition, and proofreading. Else your college application will be full of mistakes. Need help? Hire a paper writing service now.

2. Not focusing the question

A college application consists of some important questions which require a precise answer to the given question. Many students start writing college applications without completely understanding the question. This leads to a loss of grades and even results in the rejection of college applications.

3. Writing your complete life history

Nor is there any need for another space to include all the life activities, achievements, and experiences of your life into the college application. Include only the events and experience which have had a significant impact on your life. A college application essay writing service can offer you good application essays and balance your word count based on the importance of the content.

4. Not planing the essays or creating an outline

This is one big mistake that leads to other significant mistakes. You are required to plan your essay meticulously and form an outline that will include all the key points of your essay.

5. Exaggeration of facts

You must be already at this point but still, many students do not understand how to keep the essay clear of any exaggeration. Well, there is a simple rule for it. Make sure when you write one skill in the college application, think can you prove it? If yes then do state it.

6. Understating your abilities

It is good to be humble but not to the point where you understate your capabilities. Do not miss out on any significant detail which may set you apart from the rest. Remember that there are a huge number of applications along with yours, so include all the significant achievements and experiences appropriately.

7. Writing irrelevant

Do not think that writing irrelevant will help you count the word as it will directly impact the assessment. Only includes the information which is relevant to the prompt. In addition to this, also do not include the terms and phrases which do not relate to your topic.

8. Not getting any feedback at all

After you have completed the essay, make sure to get at least feedback from someone else. There may be some issues in the content which you may have missed or something you did not explain well. Getting feedback will tell you a lot about your essay. A fresh pair of eyes never hurts!

9. Taking excessive feedback

Some students become overwhelmed and obtain more than feedback. Now keep in mind that getting your college application proofread more than once is helpful. But if you get feedback about the content and ideas many times, you will end up confused. It is recommended to get no more than two feedbacks for it.

10. Skipping proofreading

There can be many reasons for skipping the important task of proofreading. You might not have enough time, a proper method of proofreading, access to error-checking software, or simply procrastination! If I were to write my essay, I would make sure to run it through the software for checking mistakes. Do not small grammatical or punctuation errors let you lose the chance of getting into your favorite college.

11. Not remembering who your audience is

You must remember that your audience is the admissions officers and not your peers. For this reason, you should not write slang language and keep the college application formal. Your writing should still be comfortable but not too casual.

12. Including improper humor or sarcasm

Adding humor or sarcasm to the narrative essay is a good tip but make sure that the level of humor or sarcasm is maintained within respectable limits. In addition to this, there might be topics and ideas which may be funny to you but offensive to others. It shows the etiquette of the students just by a few sentences.

The purpose of this blog was to highlight twelve mistakes that most of the students make so you can benefit from this information and avoid them easily. After you have completed your application essay, make sure to go through the above mistakes again. All these mistakes are minor and easy to remove. So there is no reason to put your admission at risk by a little negligence.

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