Unintentional forms of plagiarism and how you can avoid getting caught for it

When it comes to academic writing, there is much that can go wrong. Even if you have conducted immaculate research, organized the work properly, and made sure that there are no logical flaws, an essay writer can still fall prey to plagiarism.

The Misleading Definition…

Plagiarism is usually very simply defined as copying someone else’s words. Precisely, this is the reason that so many of these definitions are misleading. They only tell you that if you copy and paste from a website, you are indulging in plagiarism that can be penalized.

The thing is that it goes much deeper than just pasting a bunch of words that someone other than you came up with. There are many ways in which you can steal an idea or make your work unoriginal. All of these ways come under the heading of plagiarism.

The Expectation…

Whenever you are writing a paper, the most basic expectation from you is to provide an essay, article, report, or paper that is a by-product of your own mind and has had nothing to do with someone else’s hard work. This is what every word, sentence, and passage must strive to do. There is no excuse for violating this rule in any way, big or small.

The first question that many of you will have at this point can be regarding the obvious impossibility of never using information that has been discovered or imparted by another source. The answer is that yes, that is not what is wanted from your content.

Of course, you will read through various articles, books, reports, and papers but that does not have to mean that you never use any of the information provided.

There are certain sections of your work that require you to review and compare what you have read with what you yourself have discovered.

Whenever you discuss anything that your mind has not come up with, make sure that you supplement the idea with an in-text citation and an entry in the reference list. There needs to be a detailed entry with all the required fields of information regarding the source that you have borrowed from. The same goes for when you feel like you need to quote directly from somewhere.

The Things that are Harder to Understand…

The boundaries get harder to be deciphered when you can’t tell if you really have copied from another source or not. There are a few simple checks to clear this confusion up.

First, even when you change some words and make a sentence completely different from what you have read somewhere else and the fact that it will not be detected by any plagiarism checker, it is still unethical if you have stolen an idea and not credited the owner. Theft is theft even if it cannot be detected.

Whenever you paraphrase an idea, you need to cite it properly so that no ambiguity remains. It is better to be safe than sorry. You can also ask a paper writing service to complete this task for you.


The next matter is one of using your own previous work. Suppose you have written an extraordinary feature for a local newspaper and you get published. You get a phenomenal response. A few days later, you get the opportunity of writing something that is more or less similar for another publication (or for the same one for that matter). You have an inspired idea and you end up recycling the previously written article. You give yourself a pat on the back.

Let’s rewind and reconsider. There is nothing that can justify what you have done. You have indulged in self-plagiarism. The plagiarism is not direct but you have violated the essence and spirit of writing. You have to treat it as a sacred responsibility that you need to come up with nothing but originality and creativity.

Every piece is supposed to be unique. You can’t copy something that you did not make her effort for, even if it has been written by no one other than you.

Be Aware…

What you need to do is to make sure that you understand the basic tenets of writing and the need for it to be original. There is a reason that you cannot copy and paste from anywhere. Writing is a creative process and research is something that needs to be honest. Imagine. If everyone starts to copy from previously written material or from other sources and decides to try to get away with it, would you trust anything out there?

The thing is that there is nothing that can justify you putting the legitimacy of research in jeopardy. I know it is hard to maintain originality in every essay that you write, but it simply is not commendable or acceptable when you seek to alleviate the stress by considering plagiarism to be the only solution.

Nothing is worth sacrificing academic dignity. Make sure that you make yourself aware of all these dimensions of plagiarism and develop a non-plagiarized essay so that you may decide to compromise on certain milestones that you may achieve if you copy in a bid to look impressive. It is greater than you and your achievements.

While you desperately wish that there was a way that you could adopt to get good grades while you try to avoid working on the essay, you may have to resist the temptation that makes you think, “I need someone to write essay for me”, you should pause and consider some options that would let you improve upon your personal skills as a writer. For that, you can access an online essay writing service that can make things a lot better for you and your problem with understanding plagiarism.

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