Unique features of the Oxford Citation style you need to be aware of

As a student, you must have formatted your paper and essay in several citation styles. Each of the referencing styles is used depending upon the discipline of the paper. When writing a paper or college essay you are required to conduct research. But it is necessary that you give proper credit to the researchers whose research papers have made a contribution to your essay or paper. Even if you have not used quotations from the research and just utilize the idea or a concept from it, you are required to include it in citations and references. For this reason, the citation is necessary in order to avoid Plagiarism in essays or paper.

What is the Oxford style of citation?

Many students in school are not aware of this citation style as they do not use it very often. This style is also referred to as bibliography, documentary–note, note, and bibliography, or footnote/bibliography style. This type juices the footnotes at the page bottom instead of using the in-text citations like many other citation styles, for instance, APA for Harvard. It is difficult to trace the origin of the name of this style but it seems that it was first used at Oxford University.

When to use the Oxford style?

First of all, you should know when to use this citation style in your research paper on essays. Often it is used for research papers or essays written on the topics of history, Liberal Arts, some disciplines of Humanities, philosophy, law, and religious or theology studies. If an essay writer is writing a paper on any of these disciplines or if his course is among any of these, then it is highly likely that the instructor will require him to use Oxford citation for the paper or essay. In case the instructor has not specified the citation style, then you must use the citation style which suits your paper or essay the best.

Unique Features

  1. When composing an essay on paper in this style of referencing, you will use superscript numbers at the end of sentences or even words that you have taken from another source. In other formats, you include in-text citation i.e. name of the author and date in parentheses. But in this case, the numbers will sit above the line slightly.
  2. You have to make sure that the superscript numbers are at the end of the sentence and after them, there is a punctuation mark. This punctuation mark can be a comma, question mark, or a full stop but in most cases, it is a full stop.
  3. After you have included the superscript number in the text, you are required to repeat the same number at the bottom of your page. But this time you have to include the details of the citation. The details of the citation can include the name of the author, work, specific page number from that work. You can also include the year of publication along with other details.
  4. You have to start the numbering from 1, and then this numbering will continue throughout your paper or essay. Remember that the numbering should be in English format rather than Roman or Arabic.
  5. If you have one work many times in your paper or essay then you have to include the full details of that work only once in your first footnote. In the rest of the food notes for this particular work, you have to use the abbreviated form of the author’s name, title, and page number of that work.
  6. If you are adding direct quotations in an essay or paper, then you have to follow some rules for the citation. First of all, if the quotation has less than 30 words then it is to be included in an essay body inside single inverted commas. In this case, you are required to include the superscript number immediately after the quotation. This will refer to a footnote at page bottom.
  7. Using a quotation that has more than 30 words then make sure that your quote is indented and at the end of the quotation, there is a superscript number for the citation.
  8. Remember that it is better to cite a document from any website rather than citing the whole website in your paper or essay. This will not only provide you credibility but will also look professional when you cite it.
  9. At the end of your essay or paper, you are required to include a reference list that will include all the sources you have used as references. Make sure that you use a separate page for it and tighten it as a ‘reference list’.
  10. In the reference list, you are required to include the sources in alphabetical order of name of the authors followed by a comma and then the first initials of the name.
  11. Do not confuse the order of footnotes with the order of the reference list. The footnote entries are to be arranged in order of the first nation of the other’s name and then the surname.

You can insert a site yourself or you can also take help from Microsoft Word. Either you are doing it manually or using Word, the rules remain the same. Make sure that you do the referencing properly. Poor referencing can lead to plagiarism and a great loss of grades. Initially, you will have to read the rules when citing in this particular style, but with more practice, you will be able to learn it by heart.

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