Use of Action Verbs in a Press Release - Writing Guide

Press Release or News Release is one of the advanced and widespread sources of official announcements for various companies, institutions, and organizations across the globe. It is an effective and astounding tool through which a company can spread important news, updates, and information on any of its undertakings or decisions instantaneously throughout the world. These releases are considered highly important and need to be written using appealing and professional writing styles.

Will a press release enjoy the desired amount of readership if it uses elaborative and complex sentences with a highly extravagant grammatical structure? Of course NOT! A simple yet professional language, diction, and vocabulary structure will appeal to a vast majority of readers and fulfill the objectives. Using Action Verbs can make a press release as refined and purified in writing structure that it will win an intended readership. This article is going to explain the effectiveness of using action verbs in a press release.

Benefits of using Action Verbs

Action verbs can help to avoid using extravagant vocabulary that makes a piece of writing complex and difficult for the readers to understand. These verbs can convey the essence of a topic in a brief, persuasive, and concise way. They provide an essay writer and editor the ease of using simple and less vocabulary, yet conveying complex and detailed ideas and messages. Using action verbs in a piece of professional writing like that of a press release makes it readers-centered and easy to read and understand. These verbs also give the writers and editors the benefit of making a piece of writing more convincing. A press release chiefly requires to be highly convincing to attain its objectives.

Professional writings always have certain elements that make them persuasive, convincing, appealing, and easy to understand for the readers. Just like other professional writings, there are certain “elements of the press release” out of which the actions verbs are the most essential ones required in writing it. The following examples and tips will elaborate on how the use of action verbs can make a great difference to a press release or you can ask others to write my essay.

Examples of using Action Verbs

  1. Decided/Concluded: When a press release needs to state some decision by the company, it may not write “The Company has finally reached the decision/conclusion”. Instead, a single action verb will make the sentence more appealing just like “The Company has eventually decided/concluded”.
  2. Developed: While quoting about any specific development in some event or a course of events, instead of writing “The team of workers has carried out all the developments in the project”, it should be written as “The workers have developed the project completely”.
  3. Revised/Amended: When a press release will state some amendments or revisions in any document or previous release, instead of writing “The Company has made some amendments or revisions to the previously announced____”, it may be written concisely as “The company has revised/amended the formerly announced____”.

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  4. Analyze: When a press release tends to announce the outcomes of some analysis or research work, instead of writing “The Company has undertaken/carried out a detailed analysis of the current issue and reached a decision”, it can be written as “The Company has analyzed the current issue and decided that___”.
  5. Recommend: When a company tends to suggest something related to any of its products or services, instead of writing it in a complex way like “Based on our customer’s concerns, the company has made effective recommendations that will solve their issues”, it can be conveyed in a simple way as “The Company has recommended effective solutions to our clients’ concerns”.
  6. Solve: When a company requires to announce that it has been successful in fixing different problems, it may not write in its press release like “The company’s customer support team has finally found out the solutions to all the problems highlighted by the clients”, instead, it can be written precisely like “Our customer support team has solved the problems highlighted by the clients”.
  7. Clarify: When a press release is intended to publicize some justification on any matter, it may not write it like “After careful review of the concerns and objections, the company has listed and provided the clarifications to all the points raised___”, but it can be written more effectively like “The company has clarified all the objections and concerns after careful review___”.
  8. Interpret: A press release informing about displaying some important interpretations on a company's website may not state it complexly as “The current financial year's interpretations have been displayed on our website”, instead, it can be stated as “The company has interpreted its current financial year’s information on its website”.
  9. Translate: When a company’s press release needs to announce the publication of different translations of its research works, it may not write it like “The translations of company’s recent researches have been published in three different languages”, but it can be written more precisely as “The company has translated its recent researches into three different languages”.
  10. Correspond: When a company tends to announce through its press release that it has modernized or improved its way of correspondence, it may not write it like “The correspondence between the company’s representatives and its clients will now be spontaneous and available 24/7”, instead of this complex way, it can be written simply as “The company’s representatives will correspond spontaneously 24/7 with the clients”.

    These were some of the chief examples of using action verbs in press releases. There can be an unending list of such action verbs that the companies may use according to their needs and requirements. If you are still confused, hire a paper writing service now.

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