Use of Connectives and Transitions in Essay Writing – Guide

Students go through different stages during their academic tenure. From simple story writing in elementary school to a quiz in middle school and college essay writing in high schools and colleges. Some assignments are easy to complete like a quiz where you just need to reproduce already learned knowledge in the form of multiple-choice questions and answers. Writing an essay is an advanced stage of learning where you learn, follow, and apply different rules. Only because of these complex principles writing an essay has always been a complex task for students to complete. Learning a rule and applying it in the same context is a little difficult for students.

You may have witnessed it, there are so many techniques to follow while writing an essay. From many techniques, the use of transitions and connectives are two main rules to follow and apply, if you want to write an extraordinary essay. The use of these two techniques is less in small essays but these are very important in long essays where you have to incorporate so many ideas and important points. Effective transition enables you to move freely and smoothly among different ideas by endorsing your pain point in the essay.

Yes, it is true, you need to get familiar with some transition words and phrases before you start writing your essay. Otherwise, your essay would more look like a narrative or descriptive story. Using transition is one thing while using it on the right spot is another. If you ever feel overwhelmed by writing an essay; you can hire ‘ write my essay’ writing service. Such academic services have professional essay writers with years of writing experience. By hiring such legit service would mean that perfect use of transitions in your essay. It would also provide you the opportunity to learn and get inspiration from a perfectly written essay.

Guide to use transitions and connectives

You should know that transition can occur in a variety of places i.e. between sentences and between body paragraphs. The transitions between sentences are easy and can be fulfilled by using words like 'therefore and however.' By using such words you can move from one idea to another within a paragraph. The transition between paragraphs is complex because it requires to move from one major idea to another.

Transition between paragraphs

As you know that one essay paragraph contains only one idea with relevant facts or opinions. In a long essay, there are many ideas. The transition changes in each type of essay and it depends on your academic discipline as well. If you want to start a new idea, just end your paragraph or last sentence of your paragraph and start a new idea from the next paragraph. In this way, the reader would have an idea of what you are discussing in the next paragraph.

A paragraph without transition words

Example #1

A good essay requires the effective use of transition phrases. It allows writers to move between ideas by emphasizing on the main idea. You can connect a sentence by using introductory elements or conjunctive adverbs. It would make your writing less choppy and more fluent. Students often fail to use good transitions and end to write a disconnected essay. You should always be aware to use transition phrases.

  • You can observe that the above paragraph contains valuable information about transition and how to use them. But practically it did not use any transition phrases itself. Observe the below given example and you would feel the difference and use of transition phrases at the right place.

Revise example #1

A good essay requires the effective use of transition phrases. It is the use of these transitions that allow writers to move between ideas by emphasizing on the main idea. For example, you can connect a sentence by using introductory elements or conjunctive adverbs. Moreover, it would make your writing less choppy and fluent. Unfortunately, students often fail to use good transitions and as a result, end up writing a disconnected essay. To avoid this, you should know where and how to use transitions and connectives in your essay.

  • You can observe that both paragraphs contain the same type of information. However, the second paragraph is more coherent, eloquent, and connected. I am writing down some words or transition phrases, you can use these while writing your essay. Of course, you would need little practice before you start writing your essay. If you have a short deadline you can always ‘buy essay cheap’ from an academic essay writing service.

Examples of different transition phrases

Most of the time the transition phrases are synonyms, if you know them well then you can write a good essay.

To repeat: in brief, as mentioned, as has been noted

To add: furthermore, finally, first, lastly, again, in addition, additionally, equally important, moreover

To show exception: nevertheless, however, in spite of, despite, of course, sometimes, once in a while, unfortunately

To prove: for this reason, for the same reason, since, for, because, indeed, in example, in fact, moreover, obviously, evidently, besides, in any case, in addition.

To emphasize: absolutely, naturally, positively, surprisingly, unquestionable, emphatically, undeniably, always, never, in fact, definitely, without a doubt, extremely, obviously, in any case

To compare: although, balanced against, meanwhile, by comparison, nevertheless, yet, but, whereas, in contrast, on the contrary, after all, this may be true

To give an example: for instance, for example, to illustrate, to demonstrate, in another case, as an illustration, take the case of, on this occasion

To show time: simultaneously, hence, thus, afterward, at this point, now, concurrently, consequently, subsequently, as a result, therefore

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