Impress Your English Teacher - Use Quality Phrases and Words in Your Essay

Hey! Worried about writing your essay? Yeah! That happens a lot. No matter how good you may be at college essay writing, you will always be worried about the reaction of your teachers.

That is only natural.

And if you are an average student like most of us are, well then, you might be in a bit of trouble. Because your teacher may be expecting a bit too much from you.

Especially that English teacher who is going to judge you by her own standards.

Well, then. What to do?

I have found that the best way to impress your English teacher is by using quality words. And by that, I mean difficult words.

But no worries! I can teach you a few good words and phrases to use in your essays.

Let’s begin.

Word #1: Myriad

Myriad is used to express something that is great in number. It can easily be used to replace the word “a lot”.

I know you probably use “a lot” in your sentences all the time.

The problem is that “a lot” is a very informal word and does not go well with the formal tone of academic writing.

So, why not use “myriad” instead?

Word #2: Egregious

You have probably never heard this one but you will have seen it written.

Egregious refers to something that is bad in a very shocking manner. Let’s just say that we can use it in place of “bad”.

You can hardly use “bad” in a formal essay which is a pity since it is such a useful word.

So, just use “egregious” instead which sounds awfully formal.

Word #3: Erroneous

This is a word that is easy to remember. Have a look again. It looks and sounds like the word “error”.

And its meaning is also the same. Erroneous means wrong or incorrect. So, it is used to represent an error.

In English essays, you can use it to present an error in judgment. It can be a very useful word when used correctly.

Word #4: Employs

Not employees. No. Those work for a company. This “employs” is a different word that means to make use of something of someone even.

Like, “Sarah employs about 50 security personnel as she is a paranoid person”.

Here, Sarah is making use of the security personnel to diffuse her paranoia. It’s totally different from the employees working for an organization.

Word #5: Salient

You have heard this one, haven’t you? Well, it is time to use it. If you are confused then let me tell you what it means.

Salient means something that is significant or important. You have probably heard the term “salient features”.

Yeah. That means important features. Just use “salient” instead of “important” in your essays and you will see what a great improvement it makes.

If you are still confused, get help from the best essay writing service now.

Phrase #1: In Order to

This is a pretty easy phrase that can be used almost anywhere in your English essay. Most of the time, when you want to write “to”, you can write “in order to”.

And no this is not being used to increase the word count. Rather, this is a very formal phrase that can be used to change the tone of your essay from informal to formal.

Phrase #2: In Other Words

This phrase can also be of great help to you. We usually use this to simplify the meaning of our sentences.

If an essay writer has expressed a point but would like to elaborate on it or make it easier to understand then use “in other words”.

You will literally be saying the same thing but using other words to make your point.

So, this phrase really is quite apt.

Phrase #3: To Put it Another Way

This phrase can be considered to be a variation of phrase #2. The difference is that it is used in the most formal of settings.

If the point that you are trying to prove is very complex in nature then use “to put it another way.

Also, you can’t keep on repeating “in other words” all the time so you need an alternative to consider.

Phrase #4: The Key Thing to Remember is That

I know. It’s a mouthful. But it is a useful phrase regardless. Why? Because it gets rid of the word “also”.

Whenever you have to present multiple facts, you keep on saying “also”. Also, this and also that.

Nope. Now, you can use this wordy but helpful phrase so that you don’t have to keep repeating yourself over and over again.

That makes a bad impression.

Phrase #5: Not to Mention

This last one is also a phrase that is used often enough. Why? Because it emphasizes the point that you are going to make.

This is also used when you give a lot of information at once but phrase #5 makes sure that the information that you are giving, sticks.

So, it is quite helpful in writing English essays where you will probably be playing with a lot of information.

Still, Confused?

If you can’t seem to understand what to do then I don’t blame you.

What you really need is some help. Right now, you are probably thinking that someone please write my essay for me free online and you are not wrong to consider that option.

Actually, it is a great option for those who want to learn more about writing.

After all, what is a better way than studying professional essays? So, go and search for online essay writer service right now.

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