Use this expository essay outline template to craft an essay in no time

When you are assigned to an expository topic you need to spend a little more time collecting all sorts of information and pinning them down with other descriptions. Students usually get frustrated when they are assigned with an expository essay prompt. However, essays are never an easy-going task in the first place. An essay writer needs to be a pro so that no challenge might seem toughest to him while writing an essay.

What is an expository essay?

The composition of an expository essay may not be as straightforward as any other form of essay. To conduct a comprehensive study of the subject it takes time, in-depth studies, experience, commitment, expertise, and devotion.

To put it simply, exposing something includes bringing something exposed, uncovering, or finding knowledge in a manner that allows it to understand to an audience.

Therefore, an expository essay is a written analytical article exploring a theory, building on it, offering argumentation, and explaining it in plain terms to make the definition accessible to all.

Similarly, any essay without an outline is not that effective which your instructor demands. An essay outline is a short overview of your whole essay. When you get a prompt for your essay, you will start brainstorming your ideas. Then you will put that in an organized list which will be your outline.

An outline helps you to write your college essay in a coherent and organized manner. It will also guarantee the flow of your content, as this is very essential to write an effective essay. Finally, an outline will facilitate your audience by providing them the birds-eye view of the material that you are going to present in your essay.

The writing process in an expository essay

Now you might have a clear understanding of the basic structure of an expository essay. Within that in mind, you will be provided with the major steps that are needed to write an expository essay.

  1. 1. Choosing the specific topic and brainstorming your ideas

    You know, choosing an appropriate topic for your essay is the toughest part you face always. You need to choose a topic that is closely related to your thoughts and ideas and obviously according to your instructor’s requirements.

    You need to choose a topic which you think will be manageable for you throughout your essay. You have to be very picky about selecting a proper topic. There might be many ideas popping in your mind, but you need to be very fair enough to know what is manageable to you at the very moment.

    Topics can be like this;

    • Describe the most memorable vacation of yours and why?
    • Explain why you admire a particular person?
    • Explain why parents are sometimes very strict?
    • Explain why marijuana must be legalized?
    • Explain why men are superior to women?

    After selecting a topic, you will be having a lot of ideas and thoughts regarding that topic. You will be thinking about all the sides of your particular topic. There is no need to think about organized ideas at the very first moment. At this stage, you just need to go with the flow and pen down everything that pops into your mind.

  2. 2. Crafting an impactful outline

    It's important to build an outline, irrespective of the type of document you were given. It helps in organizing the ideas first and placing them in a coherent order. Additionally, getting an outline can ease the writing process. In this tutorial, you will be provided with the expository essay outline which will help give you an insight for your eventual expository essay. You know, you will be at ease when you just need to follow this format and submit your essay in the shortest possible time!

    Since your outline consists of three main sections: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Let’s check out the structure of how it will be like;

    Sample of expository essay on how the online education system is beneficial;


    • Main hook: A research question, an issue, anything that can grab readers’ concentration. For example, ‘with the advent of electronic media, it is easier to get an education online as well.’ Or it can be like this, ‘the online education system is more convenient as compared to the traditional education system.’
    • Write the background or historical context: Write about the evolving nature of how the electronic education system took place. Put some statistics that can validate your statements. Provide a short introduction of how people are eased with the electronic education system as compared to the traditional education system.
    • Thesis statement: It is the major part of your introduction. It always comes at the end of your introduction paragraph. It comprises a maximum of 2 sentences, and it is the reference point for your overall paper/essay. For example, ‘online education system is genuinely convenient as compared to the traditional education system.’

    Main body (1 topic sentence)

    • Introduce your first topic sentence: ‘online education systems are less costly than traditional education systems.
    • Supporting evidence: state your evidence as per the studies published (1-2 sentences)
    • Supporting evidence: state your reflection or any real-life example (1-2 sentences)
    • Put a concluded statement that will summarize your first specific paragraph.
    • You will apply this format according to the topic sentences that you have.


    • You will summarize your above-mentioned points into your concluding paragraph
    • Highlight the significance of your topic and provide the prospects for upcoming research (if required)
  3. 3. Drafting

    Once done, write your first draft. Edit it if you find any confusion in your essay. Once satisfied, just write down a final draft and revise it again.

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