Learn More about Various Citation Styles Used in Essays

The use of citations in the essay provides an assurance to the reader regarding the authenticity of the material. There are numerous styles available for citation that are used based on the domain and subject of an essay. The In-Text citations are used within the paragraphs to ensure the confirmation of the source and the content written. The styles adopted are either directed by instructors or are followed based on the defined conditions of the subjects.

They are different types of styles provided in the essay writing service. All these styles are completely dependent on the demands. However, some styles are followed in absence of requirements. The styles are originally decided by scholars based on the subjects. These styles are internationally followed and the same pattern is followed throughout the world.

A single category of citation is followed in an essay by an essay writer. This is because it provides a better understanding of the sources and also strengthens the content of the essay. Essays could be different for instance; augmentative, analytical, rhetorical, and many more. Moreover, when one has to pay for essay he/she would demand such an essay that fulfills all the requirements of the particular subject and instructor's concerns. Since no information could have more power than the one acquired from authentic sources. So to therefore emphasize more on a certain topic it is essential to make use of citations.

The various styles of citations available can be selected manually. They are also some common types of citations based on the subject and domain of a particular field. These categories are internationally followed The four most common categories of citation styles available are as follows. If confused, you can ask others to write my paper.

Modern Language Association

This citation style is abbreviated as MLA and is one of the most widely used styles. It is used to cite different sources belonging to humanities and the arts. There are different editions of the MLA style present. Currently, the 8th edition is followed which was initiated in 2016. However, the previous editions are also used based on the demands of the requirements stated. Apart from humanities and arts, it can also be applied to different types of studies. Some of these cultural arts, sciences, languages, and many others. MLA style is mostly used in humanities and literature because its main objective is to extend the study of literature and language teachings.

American Psychological Association

The APA style is mostly used in scientific studies. This citation style is used in research studies and also by numerous other professional organizations. The fields where this style is mostly used are social sciences, sociology, education, and numerous other subjects related to sciences. Currently, the 7th edition of the APA style is followed; however, the 6th edition is also preferred by numerous scholars and researchers due to the use of page numbers. In case you need help, consult a paper writing service now.


The Chicago style is mostly used in the United States, this is because it emerged from the roots of American English. This style is preferred when working with history, literature, and sometimes arts. Chicago is less popular than MLA and APA but is still widely used. Chicago style is currently based on the 17th edition which replaced the previous edition. Over time new work style is also added with the Chicago style but as it is a priority style only in the subjects of history so few advancements are observed in this style.


Harvard style is not so popular when compared to other styles, because it resembles the APA style. Harvard style is also referred to as the Harvard system of citation. It is mostly used when the citations required within the document emphasize an author's name. However, similar to other categories of citations Harvard is also preferred.

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