What makes for a good hook? Here are 20 professionally crafted essay hooks you can use

A hook is a strong opening that consists of one or two sentences. Depending on your topic, you can create a hook that will help the reader decide whether to continue reading or not. The hook of the essay is complimentary that will get you the attention of readers. In most cases, especially in academic writing, students avoid making the use of hooks. Though it is suggestive, through making the use of hooks, you may get the attention of your instructor that can be benefitting. If you are confused about writing a perfect hook, here are twenty professionally crafted hooks that you may use in your writing or you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Start with a quote

If you are writing about nature, this may give you an amazing start. If you have used this quote, you have already developed a sense of curiosity in the reader. Now focus on how you can incorporate this with your subject. You can use such quotes if you are writing a speech or if you are writing a text that will be read by a large audience. Such quotes offer an interesting read at the start and this can also benefit you in developing interesting content. It is not always that traditional quotes can give you a right hook. This is an outmoded quote that may help an essay writer set the tone of his essay. Along with this, you should know that a catchy hook is always outmoded and stylistic in approach.

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect- Alice Walker

Do what you can, with what you have, and where you are- Theodore Roosevelt

All of me loves all of you – John Legend

Challenge a belief

Challenging a belief is another way that may help you get the attention of the reader. This is a bit unfashionable thing for academic writing, but students now use such hooks to elaborate more precisely on their topic. Challenging a belief is not about negating any critical and essential feature rather, challenging a belief can be raising a question. This can become critical and difficult to handle at the start, but with the time you may get fluent with this. Following are three example hooks that you may use in the essay

Why is nature self-pleasing?

The skies do not have a limit, but human values and capabilities do have a limit.

We all need to see why religions bar people from performing certain rituals.

Add interesting comments

The interesting comments can be used as hooks and therefore, you should write them in a formal and academic manner. These interesting comments help you develop a plain ground for the further text you plan to incorporate. You can also write comments that are tailored to the requirement of your essay. For example, if you are planning to write an essay on politics you may use the following comment

Politics is really an art that is not understandable by the general masses.

If you are writing an essay about self- improvement, you may use the following comment.

Schooling is not a state’s duty, rather one should take this responsibility to better his own self.

Lastly, if you are writing an essay about the beauty of nature, you can use this hook example.

In the world around us, we can observe many beauties that splendor one’s own sense of beauty about nature.

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Add a critical comment

The critical commentary cannot be an easy cake for everyone, as you need to prove further in the essay as to why you made a critical comment. The critical commentary should also be tailored with facts as it is the only way you can create a real sense of things. Some hooks that reflect critical comment are:

Politics drives the want for power and this is why it gets huge attention.

The art of getting much-admired is being a critic.

The bloomless characteristic of nature is only linked to human actions.

Make use of fawning

Fawning is appreciating anything for no reason. You may have seen that academic applications, professional letters, or any document tasked for a specific reason include fawning. Though in academic writing it is not much recommended but using such a technique may assist you in creating a hook. See these hooks

Teachers are the real mentors, as they make us learn about life.

Having a proficient boss, helps you achieve new milestones.

The government is always a critical source to look after in case of need.

Introduce your topic in an amazing manner

In writing an essay, each writer needs to elaborate on the topic. Doing this is important in writing as you need to inform the readers what you will be writing about. The introduction of the topic in the first paragraph is the most desired manner in academic writing. The following hooks can help you understand this:

School education is the first thing that a parent should pay attention to.

How to become optimistic, observing nature closely can sort this purpose.

The importance of health cannot be denied, as the ongoing pandemic has revealed many new things about life.

Start with an anecdote

Often used in toddler’s academic material, starting with an anecdote is the most traditional manner. Some examples of this can be:

Once when we met in Delhi, things were quite appealing to us.

The history of humankind is suggestive of certain facts that may change our perception of life.

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