What must be included in a Research Proposal?

Writing a research proposal can be a long and tedious task, and it can get even tricky if you do not know what elements to include in it. The purpose of a research proposal is to present a research problem and justify its investigation. It also contains a practical road-map to carry out the proposed research. Therefore, a research proposal needs to be structured, coherent, and well-researched.

There are several resources you can look into to figure out how to start an essay, but before that, you must have a clear understanding of what elements you are expected to cover in your work. Most teachers and institutions have their structures that they wish for their students to adhere to. However, you can follow the general format unless your instructor has specified otherwise.

A research proposal typically includes a title, an abstract, an introduction, research questions, literature review, methodology, implications, and a conclusion. Certain proposal formats may deviate from this pattern with the addition or subtraction of some headings but the general flow remains the same.

Ensuring that all of your headings come together to create a comprehensive and compelling proposal requires you to have a thorough understanding of both the structure and your topic. If you’re looking for an easier way through this, a great option is to hire an essay writing service to draft your proposal for you. Not only will you receive a properly researched proposal written by an expert well before the deadline, but will also save valuable time and energy.

Following are the elements that a good research proposal has with a guide on how to execute them properly or you can ask others to write my essay.


The title of a research proposal needs to be concise and should clearly state what the research is about. The best titles are the ones that show what variables and relationships are being explored in the research.

Introduction of Research Context

The introduction provides the context of your research questions. Oftentimes, writers make the mistake of presenting the entire literature review as the context. This can make your research questions look uninteresting. To write a good introduction, establish the context of your research upon an up-and-coming problem. This will emphasize the necessity as well as the urgency of your research. Your introduction should also discuss the relevant key concepts.

Research Questions

The research questions are the foundation of your proposal. Research questions need to be precise and inquisitive. These display the depth of understanding that a researcher has of the topic.

Literature Review

The purpose of a literature review is to ensure that your proposal isn’t repetitive and that you have an understanding of the previous work done on the subject. It also allows you to showcase any gaps there are in previous research and emphasize the need for your work.


The methodology comprises the methods you will use to carry out your research. This will include all the qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques as well as the data analysis methods that you plan to implement.

Implications and Conclusion

Delivering a strong conclusion is important in convincing your audience of your proposal’s merits. Use this opportunity to bring together all the things you have discussed in the document and highlight the implications of your results.

Writing a good research proposal is the key to paving the way to your research aspirations. It can be tedious, exhausting, and time-consuming. The process becomes easier when you have a clear grasp of your research material and proposal structure. However, if you find yourself looking for an easier way out, you can always hire a write my paper service and have an expert essay writer create your proposal for you.

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