What MUST be included in Literature Reviews?

A literature review is a piece of written work that consists of an evaluation of different sources such as papers and books etc. In other words, a literature review is actually an analytical review of other sources that have been selected based on the topic. Most of the time, sources covered and reviewed in a literature review include books, journal articles, research papers, web articles, and reports.

Moreover, a literature review mainly aims to give a brief and concise description, evaluation, and summary of the source being chosen. A literature review is mostly and even usually written as a separate part of paper or dissertation or thesis. A professional essay writer states that the key purpose of writing a literature review is to give a critical written account of the current and recent state of research. But the research must be specified to a specific topic (your chosen topic).

You understood the concept of a literature review as well as why it is written! Appreciated! Let’s proceed to enhance our knowledge of literature reviews. So, we will better understand what must be included when writing a literature review. Hence, below is more about a literature review or you can also ask others to write essay for me.

  • A literature review identifies different areas of prior research study
  • It places each and every source in the framework of its addition to the knowledge and understanding of a particular research area, issue, or a theory.
  • Literature reviews portray the association between different sources in order to create strong and clear meaning.
  • It helps to figure out or identify a new approach to solve a problem, interpret understanding.
  • A literature review aims to put a light on the gaps in the past researches or research studies
  • It points out the frontward approach for research in the future or further research

No doubt that one needs to understand the subject to understand how to write it or about it. Hence, you will learn how to write a literature review if you understand the above components. Because these points will clarify to you what is a literature review and how and why it is written.

Now! You can proceed to learn what to include in a literature review. Hence, let’s proceed to list out the components that must be included in a literature review.

Components/Things to be Put/Included in Literature Reviews

  1. The goal of your research study or paper
  2. As the most crucial component of any kind of paper is the thesis statement. It should be kept in mind during the whole writing process of a paper. It means that one cannot ignore the thesis otherwise they will not reach his or her goals. Hence, you should do the same when writing the literature review.

    In simple words, proving your thesis statement is the main goal of yours. As well as the main goal of your paper. Hence, this goal of the objective must be included in the part/section called the literature review. Some students only study and write about their main topic and thesis when composing the literature review. But this is not a key to success. Because you must prove your thesis in each part of your paper with a clear position in hand.

    For example, if you are examining scientific theories then make sure you create a hypothesis to evaluate. State main purpose of your project if you aim to provide a self-enclosed review of a particular topic.

  3. Relevance of source
  4. A literature review never asks you to read and write what you find. But it will always require you to ground the summary in relevance to the topic. This means that you must ensure relevance instead of writing anything. For example, you are summing up a publication; make sure you give the context for the significance of that particular publication. Do it by covering the main points of the publication into your thesis, research statement, as well as a hypothesis.

    In short, always ensure that you developed the relevance of the source being review of your paper or discussion (literature review). Also, state how the source being reviewed related to your topic and thesis. In case you are not sure about citing your sources correctly, get help from an essay writing service to do it for you.

  5. Logical flow
  6. Many students think that writing a literature review does not require us to write logically and flow. But all we need to do is research, collect credible information, and write them concerning the topic. But it is not the case. There is something more and crucial that is a clear and logical flow. Always think of your literature review as the creation of an argument or claim. But the argument must be developed logically.

    For example, state or write the earliest concepts on your topic first. And then proceed to compose afterward ideas or concepts about the topic. Like; how ideas or concepts have grown and evolved in the research of these publications.

  7. References and citation (in the text)
  8. One of the most important things to include in a literature review is references and in-text citation. You will never be given higher if you fail to cite your sources properly. Your teacher may even deny accepting your paper if there are no references and citations. Hence, references and in-text citation is the last but very important thing that must be there in a literature review.

    In references and citations, make sure author’s/authors’ name and publication year in-text while compiling the comprehensive references/citations list at the end.

    This guide will help you write a literature review perfectly. However, you can always ask a paper writing service to assist you if you are already overburdened with work.

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