What should I add in a Personal Statement? - Guidelines

The personal statement is an important document. You may be asked to submit the personal statement while getting enrolled in the college or wherever your consent is required. There are certain formats available online for writing the personal statements but do not rely on any such format, as they may lead you toward failure. Your statement is a crucial thing, and if you are asked to furnish your personal statement, be ready to develop amazing content that must portray your right image. The personal statement format may differ from institution to institution, but the general content in each personal statement remains the same. If you are confused about what you should add in the personal statement this guideline will help an essay writer format his personal statement document.

Your Personal Story

The first thing anyone interested in reading is your personal story. It is not about each aspect of your personal life rather what conditions led you to write the personal statement. Be straight forward here and don’t write anything that you feel might become confusing for the readers. Your personal story will be different from almost every person you are competing with and it is natural that people take an interest in knowing about others. So, avoid mentioning anything that you feel is non-essential. The personal story is your reflection in front of the readers, avoid talking about things that are critical, and hold less importance for others.

Your values

Values are nothing but the norms you have observed throughout your life. These values are presented in a manner that appears right. You will have to link these values to your life story in a decent manner. Like you may write why you feel as responsible now. Responsibility here is a value and this is how you may mention such things. Often students write about such values in a bold form, but this is not recommended at all. You will write in a natural form and will create an impression that it was essential here to mention.

Why does the purpose of writing a personal statement matter?

The next crucial thing in the personal statement is about mentioning your purpose. A personal statement about admission or about any other purpose must include your intent. The personal statement format often does not allow you to include your intent, but it can include things that have dragged your desire to write the statement. You will also mention the purpose as to why you are writing the personal statement. This can be written in the first paragraph and will help the readers to understand your intent for writing the personal statement.

Your hobbies

Since the personal statement or college essay is all about adding your information, therefore you will mention your hobbies as well. Keep it cookies and discuss hobbies that are worth mentioning. For example, if you like to play cricket, discuss that and do not talk about any other hobby, as it may create confusion during the interview. After your personal information, readers often look at your hobbies as it gives them an idea about your personality. Discuss your hobbies in a lighter manner and also avoid exaggerating them. If you feel that mentioning about two or more hobbies may appear confusing, leave them, and focus on a single aspect.

Your extracurricular interests

The personal statement is not just about writing things that conform to a professional aptitude rather you may use this opportunity to make your peers aware of your extracurricular interests. If you love to write, read, or talk about any political matter you should mention that openly. It provides you with an opportunity to be open and appealing to others. The personal statement is your opportunity to make people know about your personality. If you think your extracurricular interests are a critical part of your personality, do mention them. You just need to be elaborative and open when mentioning your personal interests, it is your opportunity to grab the attention of readers.

Your academic achievements

Though a personal statement is not a lengthy document and neither it includes things that you think will consume the word count. But academic achievements are important aspects of your life. Starting from the early class achievements you will then enlist the achievements that you have acquired in later years of your academic career. Mentioning your academic achievements is an important aspect of the personal statement. But if you think you have less space for mentioning them, just enlist your recent academic achievements and not all.

Your general thoughts

In your personal statement when you are done with mentioning essential aspects, use some of the space for writing your personal thoughts. For example, if you are applying to a college, write about your views on education, and similarly, you may write about any ongoing political or social event. Similarly, you can talk about how the recent pandemic COVID- 19 has been impacting your life. These general thoughts reflect your lighter aspect of the personality and don’t unnecessarily avoid mentioning them, conditioned with if you have the word limit.

The personal statement is an image of you and tries to relate that image more closely to yourself. Be natural in writing about anything and draft it in a manner that appears attractive and simple. Presentation of ideas and their flow must be kept wisely so that the reader would get engrossed in it till the end.

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