What to do if your persuasive essay doesn't feel convincing enough?

A student must practice in order to gain these skills. But what to do when an essay writer has to submit a persuasive essay on a short deadline and your essay is not good enough?

Becoming an expert will take a lot of time and practice but if you follow some easy tips to make your persuasive essay, you will surely reduce the risk of losing a good grade. All these tips given here are easy to follow. So either you are still writing the essay or you have finished one, you can if you followed the given tips or not. If not then don’t waste your time and start revising your essay.

  1. Is your topic interesting enough?

    If you are about to start the essay and wondering the step to make it interesting the best thing to do is pick a topic that is arguable and interesting. Do not pick an over debated topic. In case you need help with your topic, ask a paper writing service to select one for you.

  2. Did you add a hook?

    Include a hook at the beginning of the introductory paragraph. This will attract the readers and keep them reading what you have offered them. Initially, your goal is to attract the reader through your hook, and then you will be able to keep them interested and convince them.

  3. Research both sides adequately

    Before you start your essay, go through the research related to your arguments as well as the opposing arguments. Until you grasp the basic details of your arguments well, you will be able to deliver them efficiently to your readers.

  4. Check for persuasion language

    Persuasive words, phrases, and techniques can prove to be quite helpful when writing this essay. If you have already composed your essay then revise to see if you have used persuasive techniques like logos, pathos, ethos, kairos, etc. if not then make a few changes to include them.

  5. Make it empathetic

    This type of essay must be written in an empathetic tone so that the readers relate to it easily. This will help them understand your argument in an efficient way. Remember that you do not have to argue with your reader in a persuasive essay; rather you should persuade them. So you should use words that show that you are considerate about the facts and this will create an emotional appeal to the readers. But with empathy, still do not forget to keep your argument logical.

  6. Include evidence to every claim

    One of the most effective ways to make your claims for an argument is to provide evidence from the research to the audience. When a reader goes through a claim and wonders why they should believe you, you must offer them a precise and credible reason for it through the research. Finding evidence takes little time but it is effective to build your credibility and to convince the readers. If I were to write essay for me I would first gather all the research material and highlight all the supporting evidence in my outline. This step makes it a lot easier to compose the essay with confidence.

  7. Ask audience rhetorical questions

    One good technique to convince the audience is to ask a question. This question will force the readers to think and then agree with you. However, when using this technique you do not ask an irrelevant or broad question that will confuse the reader. Instead, prepare a background, divert the attention of the reader towards a specific problem and then ask them that question. When they answer the question in your support, you will not have to put any more effort into convincing them.

  8. Include a counter-argument

    A good practice is to include a counter-argument in your essay to show the readers that you regard the opposing views as well. Take this as an opportunity to show your audience why the counterargument is lacking. This too requires significant evidence from the research. When refuting the counterargument make to sure clarify that it is a counterargument and you are presenting rebuttal evidence. This is why it should be placed in a separate paragraph. If you do not do so, then your readers will end up confused wondering why you think the counterargument is right or why you included it in the first place.

  9. Compose a solid conclusion

    Writing a conclusion seems an easy task but it must be composed focusing on all the key points. However, you should not only restate the key points into the conclusion but make sure that you also this as the last opportunity to convince your readers about your argument. The easy way to do so includes all the key points while emphasizing and connecting them back to the thesis statement. The readers will be reinforced with the thesis and this will help them to remember all the reasons why they should believe you.

    Before submitting the essay, be sure to run it through an error-checking software to remove any mistakes. After you have completed revising your essay, ask a friend to read it. It will also let you know which arguments need to be made stronger. Do not be afraid of revising the essay again and again. It is an easy tip to perfect your essay and ensure a perfect score! If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service to do it for you.

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